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LOTR CAL week 7


Happy Sunday!

This week, on our Lord of the Rings crochet along, we have Gandalf the Grey. I just love Gandalf’s character in both the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings series. Let’s face it, he is pretty kickass!

So here he is, with a red background in memory of his fight against the Balrog 🙂

LOTR_CAL_week7PDF available here

Next week we will have the remaining of the bad guys, the Witch King of Angmar and the alternative square for Smaug.

As usual, you can find the squares for week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5 and week 6 by clicking on the links.

Happy crocheting!


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LOTR CAL week 6


Hello readers!

It is time for week 6 of our LOTR crochet along! Today we have our first wizard, Saruman the white. He is holding his staff and the Palantir. Next week we will have Gandalf the grey join us. I have to admit I haven’t started Sam yet but I hope to start him over the week. I might not have too much time with my family arriving this week but I’ll try my best to post some pics of the work in progress 🙂

LOTR_CAL_week6PDF here

You can find week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4 and week 5 by clicking on the links.

Have a great crafty week!


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LOTR CAL week 5


I cannot believe that today is the first day of May already. We are now kicking off our second month of LOTR graphghans. As promised, today I will share with you Samwise Gamgee and Peregrin Took.

Again, because they are characters, they take quite a lot of yarn change.

Here is Sam, notice how he is a bit bigger than the other hobbits? Our Sam definitely likes his food!

LOTR_CAL_week5PDF here

And here is Pippin, with his typical scarf.

LOTR_CAL_week5_altPDF here


You can find the other graphs for the LOTR crochet along by clicking on the LOTR CAL tab

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 9.47.21 PM

or in the week 1, week 2, week 3 and week 4 posts.


I wish you all an amazing week!


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LOTR CAL – layout overview

Hello lovely readers!

Today being public holiday, I finally found the time to finish putting together the LOTR crochet along layout.


From top to bottom, left to right there will be:

The Lothlorien leaf Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, The One ring, Gimli, The Lord of the Rings centre square, Saruman, Legolas, The Witch King of Angmar, The white tree of Gondor, Aragorn, Gandalf the grey and Gandalf’s pipe.

The background colours will probably be different from what they are here, I only added the yellow on Gandalf and Saruman to contrast with their hair/clothes.

If you want to mix things up, I will also release a few extra alternative squares, including Meriadoc Brandybuck, Peregrin Took, Arwen’s necklace and Smaug (yes I know he is not really from LOTR but the Hobbit is close enough! Plus, who doesn’t love dragons?). I might also include Boromir, Faramir, Eowyn, Gollum and a few more for alternate squares.

Oh, and I took a picture of my Ring square


I wish I had gotten a better contrasting colour for the back of the ring, but this will have to do!

Until next time, happy crocheting!


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LOTR CAL week 4


Today in our LOTR crochet along, we are having our first characters. In the original layout I have planned, there are 12 smaller squares, 8 of which will have characters and 4 with LOTR related objects (like the Lothlorien leaf brooch from week 2 and the ring from week 3).

Our first character is Frodo. I have also prepared an alternate square featuring Merry in case you prefer him over Frodo. Next week will be Sam and Pippin. It is totally up to you if you want to make Frodo and Sam, or Merry and Pippin, or even mix it up and use them in different combinations (and why not do them all if you really like Hobbitses?)

PDF for Frodo


PDF for Merry


Quite a bit of colours this week so we will see how I go. I have finished the ring square but haven’t taken pics yet so it will be for tomorrow!

Happy crocheting!


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LOTR CAL – Lothlorien leaf finished

Hi guys!

I’ve finished my Lothlorien leaf and am now working on the One ring for the LOTR crochet along (more on that later!)

I really enjoyed working on this smaller square, and it just felt so good to finish it. I’m completely in love with the bobble stitch, I just like everything about it: the look of it, the texture, the thickness of the finished piece etc.  
I’ve also added a sc border all around the square in the background colour to be able to join the blocks together later. 

I am still working on the design of a few squares but when I am done I will post the final layout so stay tuned 😉 

Happy crocheting 


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LOTR CAL week 3


I have to say, I am very happy that the small square work up faster than the centre panel! I’ve almost caught up on the week 2 square and made some progress on week 1 as well. Week 2 actually had quite a few colour changes but this part is over, and I only have a few rows of solid colour to go through.


And now for week 3, the design is pretty simple and won’t require that many changes, which is good! Behold the one ring!

PDF available here


One ring to rule them all, One ring to find them. One ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.

As always, the colours are only recommended, you are more than welcome to use colours from your stash or chose different ones altogether if you feel like it.

You can find week one here, week two here, and a photo tutorial for the bobble stitch here 🙂

Happy crocheting


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Who is excited? I sure am!

I might have a bit overestimated my capacity to make the whole centre square (which is 60×60) but I’ll make sure to share my progress with you ASAP. In the mean time, you can definitely join me and start your very own LOTR centre square!

So this square will be 60 x 60 and I have planned 12 smaller (30 x 30) squares to go around.

PDF available here

The colours suggested are in Vanna’s choice as it seems to be a pretty popular yarn choice for graphghans, but I won’t be using those colours exactly as it is difficult for me to get this yarn where I am. If you have easy access to Vanna’s choice and you find colours that fit better, I’d love your feedback. Obviously, if you want to use bits and pieces from your stash, you are more than welcome to do so as well!

There is no written instruction for the CAL so far, but if you feel like the graph is overwhelming and you would like written instructions, leave me a message and I will make it available as soon as possible.

I will be using the bobble stitch (you can find my photo tutorial here) but again if  you want to use a different type of stitch (like the c2c or hdc), please do so 🙂

I hope you guys will join and that you will share your pictures with me!

Until next time,


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Edit: Thanks Natascha for letting me know there was a problem with the pdf. In the mean time, here is the png version of week 1 if you are also having issues with the pdf!



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Bobble stitch tutorial

Hi guys! Happy Friday 🙂

This week just went so fast, probably because it was only a 4 days week 🙂 and with the end of the week, we start a new month! As promised, I will be starting a Lord of the Rings CAL this month and I’m super excited about it.

However, before we start, I thought I should put together a photo tutorial for the stitch I’ll use for this CAL: the bobble stitch.

If you’ve been doing a lot of graphghans, chances are that you’ve already seen this stitch, or at least heard of it. This is what a finished square looks like (picture found on Repeat Crafter Me, Sarah actually also has a very good tutorial for the bobble stitch, with some great videos for colour change).


As you can see, each bobble is meant to be a square from the graph.

The first time I tried this stitch, I got a bit confused because the whole graph is worked from the back, which means that when you do a bobble, the textured part will be facing out, not towards you. Then in order to have all your bobbles facing the same way, you need to do a row of sc (U.S. dc) in between each row of bobbles.

  • The first thing to do when starting a bobble stitch graphghan is to make a chain. To know how many ch to do, multiply the number of squares from your graph by 2.

For example, my graph is 60×60 squares, I want to chain 120.

  • Chain 1 (this is your turning chain) and sc in each chain, starting from the second chain from your hook.

If we continue from the example above, you will now have 120 sc.

  • Now comes the tricky part: the bobbles. You want to chain 3 (turning chain) and dc 4 stitches together (U.S. tr 4 together) in your first sc. Then sc in the following sc. This will make your bobble ‘pop’. For each bobble, you then need to dc 5 together (the chain when you turned counted at your 5th dc).

Click on each picture for the caption.

  • The only thing left to do is to follow your graph and change colours when needed. When you change colour, I would recommend changing at the end of the sc after the bobble.

Click on each picture for the caption.

If we continue on our example, you will end up your row with 60 bobbles (5dctog + 1sc)

  • The next row, simply sc all the way back, and don’t forget your colour changes!

You want 4 new sc at the back of your 2 bobbles

You are back to 120 sc and you are ready for the next row of bobbles!

I hope that this photo tutorial was helpful, if you have any question, don’t hesitate to leave me a message, and if you want a video I highly recommend Sarah’s video on Repeat Crafter Me, that’s how I learnt!

Of course, you can join the CAL without using the bobble stitch, there are lots of different ways of doing a graphghan and I can’t wait to see what you guys will come up with 🙂

The first graph for the centre square (which will be the biggest square as well) will be posted on Sunday (3/04) so keep an eye out!



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Coming soon…

After a day of statistical tests at work (which means really NOT a fun day) I felt like I deserved a little break so I worked on some graphs for the upcoming LOTR CAL 🙂

I will see how I go with my monthly goals but if I manage to get enough of my WIPS done in March, I will start releasing/working on the LOTR graphs on April 1st (not an April’s fool!)

This is a small sneak peak at what I’ve done so far.


If there is someone/something from the LOTR universe you would like to see, don’t hesitate to let me know! 🙂


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