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January SAL with Helene – part 2

Here it is! the final steps of the January SAL from Helene-Et-Mahalia. Of course, it’s still missing the back stitches, which actually makes quite a big difference!

Can you guess what it is? (or who it is I should say!)

I will post the back stitches in a little while, once I’ve started making some squares for my  2016 quilt, including all of Helene’s designs for this year! If you want to join, it’s easy, just pop on and contact Helene, fees are 10€ for the whole year 🙂




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Poké-alphabet week 14

I am soooo close from catching up! One last little effort!

M is for Magmar


N is for Nidoqueen




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Hoot hoot! 

I am so excited to say that I have received my owl from Nic! If you haven’t already, check out her blog, she is an amazing crafter and she is the loveliest person! So here it is! How cute right?  


 I don’t know yet how I’m going to call him. Any ideas? 🙂

Also, tonight Dylan and I went to our first painting class! It was pretty good, we got to choose what we wanted to paint and I learnt a few cool painting techniques. 

That’s what I got after 2 hours.  Still needs a bit of work!
I based my painting on a picture I took a few years back.   

 And Dylan decided that he wanted to improvise and paint a dragon. Instead, he painted the “fluff monster”!!   

I think it’s really cute! I think we both had a lot of fun so we might be going back for more!

Oh and a few pics from yesterday’s walk. It was very grey but it was great because it was also very warm!    

Hope you guys are having a great week and that you celebrated well yesterday if you are in Australia! 




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Basket and flowers

Happy Monday lovely readers! 

This week is going to be pretty short! I had work today but tomorrow is Australia Day so we’re having the day off 🙂 our plan is to go for a lovely walk along the creek  in our suburb. I will try to take some pics on the way. 

I was inspired by Nat and her fabric crochet basket last week and since I already had a bunch of fabric yarn, I gave it a go! I think it turned out pretty good and it’s the right size to store some of my unused yarn stash 🙂    

I have also decided this year to participate in a local craft competition. They are having a tea cosie contest with a “country theme”. I’ve decided to do a big bouquet of wildflowers on my cosie. My entry will be a mixed media, I’m knitting the cosie and will crochet the embellishments (flowers). I’m not sure yet which flowers I’ll go with but this is what I’ve got so far.  
I really like how the stem and the small flower turned out and I love the purple flower. 

What do you guys think?




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Poké-alphabet week 13

Happy Friday lovely people!

I have almost caught up with my Pokemon! I have currently finished 12 of them out of the 13 weeks! I think I’ll catch up by next week with some luck. 

Just as a recap:

A is for Alakazam

B is for Bulbasaur

C is for Charmander

D is for Dratini

E is for Espeon

F is for Fennekin

G is for Gengar

H is for Heracross  

I is for Inkay

J is for Joltik

K is for Kangaskhan

L is for Lapras  
We are going cake tasting for our wedding tomorrow so wish us luck on finding the right cake 😊



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New Cowl!

Hi guys!

I have finished the cowl matching my slippers! 😊   

 It will be nice and cosy for winter. I also got a special package from my nana. She sent me plenty of cross stitch threads and 2 really cute pouches to keep my cross stitch work.   

Nothing’s better than a loving nana!




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One Lovely Blog Award


Hi peeps! First of all, I would like to thank Erin ( for her nomination! If you haven’t already, check out her blog, she is super talented and always has links to nerdy/cute/awesome/all of the above crochet patterns. If you don’t crochet yourself, she also has an Etsy shop where she sells her crochet items!

Now, onto the rules.


The rules are as follows:

  1. Thank the person that nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. List the rules.
  3. Display the award on your post of the award.
  4. List seven facts about yourself.
  5. Nominate 15 bloggers for this award and comment on one of their posts to let them know you have nominated them.


  1. I am French, although I have been living in Australia for over 4 year. Most of the time, people can tell I have an accent but they can’t actually guess where I’m from.
  2. I love food. Savoury, sweet, spicy, even bitter, I love all of it. The only food items I don’t like are the ones that, in my opinion, have no taste (like cucumbers).
  3. Although I actually like the taste of it, I cannot eat barramundi. It’s an Australian/South East Asian fish that is very popular in Australia. The only issue is that I work on them (or more exactly on the bacterial diseases they can get) and I’ve had to kill so many of them that I just really can’t have them on my plate anymore.
  4. I am currently doing a PhD in fish immunology. I need to be pretty focused and strict while doing my experiments and that’s what pushed me to start crocheting/knitting/cross-stitching as a way for me to relax at the end of stressful days. That’s also why I really love writing this blog and meeting all of you.
  5. I play the harp. Not the small celtic harp, the huge concert one, with the pedals and all. I still havent been able to transport my harp to Australia (it’s really expensive) and I really miss it but I get to play every time I visit my parents.
  6. I absolutely adore Nutella! (I know still food related!) I have not only 1, but 2 books dedicated to only Nutella recipes, I make Nutella pizzas, Nutella crepes, and my favourite is the ‘Love me at first bite’ doughnut from ‘Doughnut Time’, you’ve guessed it, it’s FULL OF NUTELLA!!!!! (sorry I’m getting so excited over food 🙂 )
  7. I am an absolute nerd and I love it! I can spend hours upon hours playing Pokemon on my 3DS, we have games night every week, I’ve watched the Lord of the Rings movies in extended version the one after the other a few times, read the Harry Potter books so many times I can’t even count and the list goes on!

So that’s me!


And my nominees are:


Make sure you check out their blogs, they are all amazing people 🙂

Until next time!




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Wips and doodles 

Happy Monday!

I hope you guys had a good weekend! I’ve been a busy bee, we got a lot of things done for our upcoming wedding (got our wedding bands and booked cake tasting for next week and the DJ). 

I’ve also been inspired to draw more lately. Yesterday I tried my new ink pen (I got it for Christmas but didn’t get ink until yesterday).    

 As you can see my bullet journal is going pretty good, I’ll do a review about it at the beginning of February. 
I got some inspiration as well from the Warhammer 40k universe.   

This is my take on a nurgling. Nurglings are lesser demons under the command of the Chaos God of life and death, Nurgle. I’m thinking of turning him into a cross stitch pattern, I think he is rather cute!    

 As for my current wips, I have started an infinity cowl using the same yarn I used for my Drops Design slippers
I have also started the air symbol on my avatar afghan. At the moment it is going pretty slow (it takes me ages to do one row) but I have started watching “The legend of Korra” so I hope that will motivate me.  

That’s it for today folks! 




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January SAL with Helene

Hi guys,

I am now allowed to reveal the first 3 steps of the January SAL from Helene. This whole year, Helene will base her patterns on stained glass windows. I am planning on mounting each design on different fabric and try to make a quilt at the end of the year, so this will be a very big work in progress over the year.

Now, without further ado, here are my first 3 steps, nicely put together by Helene 🙂


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Poké-alphabet week 12


This week has been so full-on but I am glad to say that I have made some good progress. 

First on is my poke-alphabet, I’ve finished I and J and I’ve stitched the outline for K.  

J is for Joltik


I is for Inkay


the poke-alphabet so far

I have also been following the lovely Hélène’s SAL on her website (which you can find here – btw it’s mostly in French!). I can’t show you January yet (release for the first 3 steps is tomorrow) but I can show you the very cute snow cone from December.   

I turned him into a perfumed pillow (with cloves inside). It was my first try ever at a pillow and I think it turned out good. 

What have you guys been up to this week? 



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