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FO Friday – striped spring shirt

Happy Friday!

I know what you must be thinking, TWO posts in a week? Let’s say that Clark has been sleeping enough this week for me to finally finish my second jumper of the year, the striped spring shirt by PurlSoho! Yay! I’ve modified the pattern slightly by adding larger strips at the bottom of the body and on the sleeves and by doing a 3×3 ribbing on the sleeves cuffs.


Excuse the messy bed and poor lighting, we’ve had a dreadful stormy day. I’m very pleased that I managed to cast this jumper off before Christmas, it is so warm though that it will have to wait a bit later in the year to be worn! I have already plenty of ideas of what I want to make next, I’m thinking using up some stash yarn and possibly making a fade jumper. But first I will try to finish or frog all my current yarny WIPs/UFOs. I will round up all my projects (if I can find them!) and make a stocktake post soon to have a fresh start in the new year.

I hope the last weeks of December are treating you well and that you are excited for Christmas!




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Hand Quilt Along – 9/12/18

Hello everyone!

Here is our update for our quilt along and I do have some progress to show on my EPP! This is very exciting as there was no progress last time.

I am not sure how much will get done over Christmas with all the family we have visiting but I’m happy with progress!

Please don’t forget to check out what the others have been up to, there are some wonderful projects!

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.
Here are the others participating in this HQAL, please go check their posts!


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18 for 2018 – November update

Happy Monday readers!

There hasn’t been much progress on my goals over November but I still thought I would give you somewhat of an update with my 18 for 2018.

18 letters sent to friends – 4/18
With the interstate move I would like to keep in contact with friends so I want to make the effort to send them handwritten letter throughout the year.

I might still achieve this with Christmas cards, does it count if I write a personal message on each? 😅

17 new recipes tried – Completed in July
If you’ve been following me for a while you will know that I love cooking and baking so this should be pretty easy. Plus, the monthly bake-along will definitely help me with this one!

I’ve actually tried 2 new recipes this month, but forgot to take a picture for one of them. The first was chicken filets with a garlic and bread crumbing (it was totally delicious, the garlic really made a big difference) and the second was white fish fillets wrapped in bacon and served with lentils, yum!


16 painted units of miniatures – 5/16
My husband and I play a miniature game and one of the fun parts is to build and paint our own miniatures. I haven’t done much last year so I hope to catch up this year by painting more models.

There is no way I’m completing this goal this year but that’s okay! I’m still 5 units closer to have all my miniatures painted. 

15 books read – 9/15
I’ve decided to tune down this goal from last year, as I don’t have a lot of time to read. But I feel like 15 would be a good number to reach this year.

Do 10 pages long children books count? 😂 More seriously, I’m still reading several books at the moment depending on my mood, including the 6th Harry Potter which I’m reading to Clark aloud before bed. We’re enjoying going slow on this.

14 mitered squares added to my memory blanket – 5/14
I have started a knitted memory blanket using my scraps of yarn from previous projects (mostly socks) and I’d like to see it grow this year.

None added this month but I still have hope!

13 batches of baked goodsmade and eaten – Completed in August
Again, with the bake-along this should be quite easy to accomplish!

I tried Tracy’s orange glazed cookies on Friday and they were so delicious! Thanks again for the recipe Tracy!


12 pairs of socks – 4/12
We have real winters in Melbourne, so hubby and I will definitely need new socks, I thought one per month was a manageable goal.

I’m not finishing this goal either but I’ve started on a pair of tube socks for Clark, and they are going to be so cute! I’m using the same yarn I used to make hubby his pair too, so they’ll have matchy socks. 

11 new stitch markers made – Completed in October
I have been playing with shrinking plastic lately and I’d like to make new stitch markers using some cute drawings.

10 new movies seen – Completed in May
We go to the movies almost every week, so I think this goal will be easy to reach, but it will give me a change to blog about movies I see a bit more.

We actually managed to go to the movies this month thanks to my wonderful MIL coming down to watch Clark. We saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and I absolutely loved it!! 

9 amigurumi made – 7/9
I obviously love amigurumi enough to design some! I want to precise that those 9 amigurumi will be from other designers, I might even participate in another ami-along.

No new amis this month, but I think I might be able to make 2 small ones in the next month, I just need to figure out which ones! (if you have patterns to recommend, I’d be keen, anything as long as they are cute ☺️)

8 months cross-stitched on the snowflower diaries calendar – 2/8
This did not get worked on at all last year, so I’d like to finish it this year.

I’ve given up on my cross stitch for the year, I think this goal will carry on to next year as I still want to finish it.

7 games of 40k played with hubby – Completed in September
The good thing with painting miniatures is that I will definitely want to play more (I’m hoping anyway) and this will definitely be a fun activity to do with my husband.

We have played a lot more games, mostly small, and we just got a new battlefield to try out next weekend!

6 new designs published – 3/6 
As you know I already have two new designs that I need to write up and publish. I have also started on a knitted shawl design using the beautiful yarn I got in NZ. Very excited about this one!

I’ve finished designing Nate the Narwhal and Archie the Archaeopteryx but I haven’t put together the PDFs yet. Considering I’ll also need to have them tested before publishing the patterns, this goal is pretty unlikely to be completed this year!

5 k steps walked every day 13/30
I changed this goal. I am still trying to keep moving during my pregnancy to not transform into a couch potato! Hopefully this will help me keep healthy despite the weight gain.

I’ve almost walked my goal half of the month! and I had a day at a whooping 11000 steps, so not bad overall

4 LOTR squares finished – 2/4
Yes I know I’ve been making this for ages but 2018 is the year I get it finished!

OMG this is taking me so long. I also had some drama with my hook, the outside soft plastic handle started coming off so I had to glue it back together. December will be the month!

3 jumpers knitted – 1/3
Similarly to the need for socks, I will need more jumpers this year! I already have the yarn and a pattern for my first jumper so I’m hoping this goes smoothly.

I only have half of the second sleeve left to do, so close!

2 getaway trips – Completed in July
We are trying to save money for a house deposit this year, but I’d still like to get a couple weekends away with hubby. We already have one planned, we will be going to the Bendigo sheep and wool show in July

1 thesis submitted – Completed in June
I’m so keen to finish my PhD, so this is definitely my n°1 goal this year!

So overall, I didn’t actually get any goal done this month but I’ve still been able to work on a few projects at the time so I’m happy with where I’m at! A lot of those goals won’t be reached by the end of the year but overall the year has been very productive which is what I was hoping to achieve by setting those goals.

How have you guys been getting along on your goals? I’d love to know



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