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Mystery Afghan CAL – week 4

I am almost half way through this CAL and I have already learnt so much. I have to admit I was a bit afraid at one point that I wouldn’t like the final design but I absolutely loved this week’s step! 

Without further waiting, here are my week 4 finished squares 

in week 4, the squares got significantly bigger


when all put together, it’s becoming a reasonable size

For this week, we had to work around our previous steps in colour A, while making sure to leave the long bits (colour D, in pale grey for me) at the front. The tutorial videos are actually very useful for this CAL, just to make a bit more sense of the pattern alone. My squares are currently blocking and waiting for the next step, so stay tuned 😉  

I hope you all had a productive week, full of beautiful creations 😊

😘 X




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Crochet clutch 

Happy Monday!

I finally finished my crochet clutch today.  

As a bonus, it also perfectly fits my iPad 😊  

I learnt a lot while doing this project, especially not to tighten my stitches too much!

Have a great week lovely people!




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First Pokemon embroidery is finished 

Hello everyone!

My relicanth is finished, I’m moving on to my next Pokemon now. 

Next is going to be octillery 🐙

If you have a water Pokemon you would like me to do, leave a comment and I’ll do my best 😊



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Mystery Afghan CAL – week 3 

Happy Friday lovely people! Once again it is time for the yarnspiration CAL update! 

Week 3 was 2 rounds, one in colour C and one in colour D.  

week 3 round 1 with colour C


week 3 round 2 with colour D

And here they are all together!   

Also I got started with a stitching project, I’m embroiding water Pokemon on a cotton square. 

I’m starting with relicanth, he is one of my favourites. 

Have a lovely weekend! 




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Mini cactus amigurumi 

I made this tiny crochet cactus for one of my friend’s birthday 🎂 She really loves cacti and succulents. I just need to add some flowers and it will be perfect 🌵😊

I used a 1.25mm crochet hook with some green floss and followed a free pattern available here

Also, the spotlight next to my place (you guessed it, it’s a craft shop!) just got revamped and has a massive sale atm. I’ll probably do some shopping to stock on more yarn and floss (not that I really need it but I can’t resist a good sale). 
I hope you guys are having a good week so far! I will be back on Friday for my CAL update 😉

😘 X



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Monday WIP updates

Happy Monday crafters! 

After a nice and relaxing weekend, I am starting the week with yet another update on my wips of the moment. 

My Veronica granny square is now going to be part of a picnic blanket for this summer. I will crochet 4 of those squares, attach them together and line the blanket with a waterproof-ish fabric. 

I am taking suggestions on the colour of the other squares (I want 2 blue and 2 of another colour) and also on the fabric, I have no idea what would make a good lining. 

I have also (finally) sanded and spray painted my volcano piece of terrain, now I just need to add some extra paint and some lava.   

I was thinking of using resin coloured in red/orange. Have you ever used coloured resin for modelling? Or maybe you have suggestions for a lava effect? 

I hope everyone had a good weekend!



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Mystery Afghan CAL – Week 2

And it is Friday again! This week went rocket fast, and I’m glad because I can finally see my man after a whole 5 days away! I am also excited to show you the progresses I’ve made on my mystery afghan this week.

The second step was to add a kind of cross over last week’s granny square, using colour B (you can see which colours I’ve chosen here). To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the result on a single square.


But when all of them were finished I quite liked them all together.


What do you guys think of the week 2 results? I still wonder if the finished product will be big enough to use as a lap afghan. I guess I shall wait and see!

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Summer cherry

Today, we have public holiday for the Ekka festival. I’m just spending a relaxing day at home doing some crochet!

I finally finished this cute brooch. I’ll probably use it to decorate my bag. I’ve attached my cherries at the back rather than from the top and I completely closed the magic circle so that there isn’t a hole in the middle.

I hope you’re all having a good week!



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Mollie keeps me company

The man is out of town for a conference so I thought I would treat myself to the latest edition of Mollie Makes. 

The free gift of this edition is a dream catcher kit, which I’ll probably make during the week. 

Have a good week crafters! 




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Weekend at the coast

My friends and I went to the coast this weekend to catch up. Since we all graduated from uni, we all have been so busy that it was quite hard to organise but I’m so glad we did!

Because most of us are marine biologists and the weather was lovely we just had to go to the beach, looks for interesting inverts and collect shells 🐚 Here are some I found and I’m looking for ideas to convert them into crafting material. Some of them already have a hole and will probably become necklaces.

I also found some time to crochet more hexagons for my WIP blanky.

  What have you guys been up to this weekend?

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