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WIP Wednesday – Knotty gloves

Happy Wednesday readers!

Today I’m finally sharing a wooly WIP after what seems like ages! I’ve been working on a pair of gloves as we’re entering winter down under and I always get really cold hands. I found this pattern for free on Ravelry and it is very well written in my opinion. It was my first time constructing gloves and I think all the details in the patterns are there to make it successful. The only thing I’m a bit worried about at this point is that it’s hard to get no holes between the fingers!

IMG_7944 copy

Here is glove one so far, I know I could probably have finished the pair by now but I really didn’t work much on them as I’ve been mostly stitching while I’ve been in Queensland. Blame it on the heat! I am definitely looking forward to a cooler weather though so I can get back into my knitting and I still need to write up a couple of patterns for amigurumi as well, including Cooper the copepod. The next month is looking up to be busy for sure! Enjoy the rest of your week 😀




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Hand Quilt Along – 22/04/18

Happy Sunday!
As I mentioned last time, there is no progress for me this time as I am away from home and didn’t get the chance to work on my EPP. I can now reveal however, that I intend on finishing my quilt by October and to use it for bub, which is why I used both pinks and blues in it! Here is what it looks like as a reminder. I can’t wait to get home next week and get working on it, I’ll need to up my pace if I want it finished in time! See you in three weeks for the next update.
This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.
Here are the others participating in this HQAL, please go check their posts!


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FO Friday (slightly late) – Bibs

Hello everyone and happy weekend!

I was meant to post this yesterday evening but I got home from work and was completely knackered so I couldn’t be bothered. I do think it is time to share though!

You may have noticed that I’ve been pretty inconsistent over the past few months in my posting and I’m my following of your blogs. I’ve been busy, true, but that’s not entirely all there is to it. I’m super excited to annonce to you that I’m pregnant with my fist baby! I’m now four months in, and starting to regain some more energy, so I think I will be crafting more and posting back on my regular schedule.

Of course, as soon as I found out I knew I had to make something straight away. I turned to Pinterest as I often do and found a very good tutorial to make bibs. I’ve already got warned by my family and my in laws that babies drool… a lot! And that you need long bibs so this pattern was perfect. I’ve set out to make plenty of bibs in cute fabrics (I’ve bought a few different patterns with animals on them). I don’t know the gender yet so I’ve just been getting gender neutral ones so far. I also had some stashed fabric in pink that I’ve used and I figured that it wouldn’t really matter even if it was a boy, because they’ll spend most time in the washing anyway, right?

Anyway, after much rambling, here is my first bib!

On one side the fabric is plain cotton and on the other it’s flannelette. I’ve heard they are great materials for baby items as they are soft and washable. I’ve already cut a few more and assembled a couple as well already but I forgot to take pictures before I left home so that will have to wait. I am just so excited and can not wait for baby to be here. Have an amazing weekend!



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WIP Wednesday – Joyful world

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you’re all having a great week so far, I have been working hard and relaxing at the end of the day with some cross stitch. I’ve made some good progress on my Joyful world calendar from the Snowflower Diaries. I have been stitching June and I have to say I love this honey bear, isn’t he turning out so cute?


I am excited to get on the next month though because July has flamingos! I’ve also been doing more of the border, I think that next time I’ll try to show you the whole thing as I haven’t done so in a while. Maybe next week if I’ve finished June? We shall see!



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Fantastic Bake Along – Crazy for Caramel


Happy Saturday everyone!

Like every month, I’m participating in the Fantastic Bake Along hosted by Tracy @itsatsweetday. We actually had a break last month due to poor Tracy having wrist surgery but it’s good to be back! This month, AJ from A petite slice of life chose the recipe and I was pretty excited knowing that she is lactose intolerant and coeliac (which meant no dairy and no gluten). Aj chose a recipe for a caramel recipe, which you can find here on Tracy’s blog.

Now, I’ve made caramel before but never without milk or butter so that was certainly a first! And I’m afraid I failed somewhat 🙈


Everything was going well, I had my ingredients together in the pan, leaving them to boil. That’s when I noticed that the mixture was not taking a caramel colour at all. I was a bit worried but decided to leave it for a bit longer. After a while longer though, it still wasn’t changing colour and I was afraid it would split so I decided to pour it into my dish. I’m not sure what I did wrong but it was NOT easy to cut into pieces afterwards. I feel like this wasn’t really a success but it was still edible and I now have some caramel in the fridge so I can’t complain too much! Looking forward to see what other participants thought though.

If you are interested in participating, contact Tracy and you can also follow my Pinterest board where I will be adding all the recipes for the Bake Along.

Please also check out the other amazing bakers/cooks normally participating in the Fantastic BAL




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18 for 2018 – March update

Happy Sunday everyone!

I am not dead, I am in fact quite invigorated after these couple of weeks on holidays and I am ready to take on April (what? that started a week ago? Oh well!)

I have been keeping track of my goals as usual and here is where I’m at on my 18 for 2018 goals. Not much progress in some areas but I am reaching some of my bigger goals so that’s okay!

18 letters sent to friends – 1/18
With the interstate move I would like to keep in contact with friends so I want to make the effort to send them handwritten letter throughout the year.

I’ve written and delivered a wedding card to one of my first Australian friend who got married at the end of March, the ceremony was beautiful and we had lots of fun catching up with uni friends at dinner. 


17 new recipes tried – 10/17
If you’ve been following me for a while you will know that I love cooking and baking so this should be pretty easy. Plus, the monthly bake-along will definitely help me with this one!

I’ve tried two new recipes this month, a prawn stir fry and blinnies. The recipe for blinnies was so easy and delicious I will definitely make them again and they were great with some cream and jam. 


16 painted units of miniatures – 3/16
My husband and I play a miniature game and one of the fun parts is to build and paint our own miniatures. I haven’t done much last year so I hope to catch up this year by painting more models.

I’ve already shown you two of the units I’ve painted, and I’ve added a third one, still from the same army. I’m getting a break from orks at the moment though and I’ve been painting from another army, so I’m going great with this goal. 

15 books read – 1/15
I’ve decided to tune down this goal from last year, as I don’t have a lot of time to read. But I feel like 15 would be a good number to reach this year.

I’m afraid that unless you count fan fiction, I haven’t done much reading in March either. Maybe this month, as I’m away from hubby again so I might get bored and read more. We’ll see. 

14 mitered squares added to my memory blanket – 1/14
I have started a knitted memory blanket using my scraps of yarn from previous projects (mostly socks) and I’d like to see it grow this year.

No new square this month.

13 batches of biscuits made and eaten – 3/13
Again, with the bake-along this should be quite easy to accomplish!

No Bake-along for me this month but I’ve made some delicious chocolate clusters that I will count for this goal!


12 pairs of socks – 2/12
We have real winters in Melbourne, so hubby and I will definitely need new socks, I thought one per month was a manageable goal.

None this month but I’m working on a pair of gloves as I found my fingers to be rather freezing on my afternoon walks. 

11 new stitch markers made – 0/11
I have been playing with shrinking plastic lately and I’d like to make new stitch markers using some cute drawings.

I’ve made some really pretty earrings with shrinking plastic but no stitch marker yet. This will happen soon though and I think I might make them all at the same time. I currently have about 8 designs so I also need to think about a few more to reach 11. 

10 new movies seen – 7/10
We go to the movies almost every week, so I think this goal will be easy to reach, but it will give me a change to blog about movies I see a bit more.

Three more movies this month, we’ve seen Game Night, Red Sparrow and Tomb Raider. All of them were pretty good but nothing really special either. I’m really looking forward to Infinity Wars this month though!

9 amigurumi made – 1/9
I obviously love amigurumi enough to design some! I want to precise that those 9 amigurumi will be from other designers, I might even participate in another ami-along.

No amis from other designers this month, I feel like I didn’t get much crochet done actually. 

8 months cross-stitched on the snowblower diaries calendar – 1/8
This did not get worked on at all last year, so I’d like to finish it this year.

None this month but I took it with me so I will be working on it this month. 

7 games of 40k played with hubby – 2/7
The good thing with painting miniatures is that I will definitely want to play more (I’m hoping anyway) and this will definitely be a fun activity to do with my husband.

We’ve played a second game hurray! It was really fun and we were quite close until the end on the board but I had way too many points for poor hubby to come back. I thought of taking a picture though! I was playing the scary looking monsters/aliens that are mostly painted. 


6 new designs published – 2/6
As you know I already have two new designs that I need to write up and publish. I have also started on a knitted shawl design using the beautiful yarn I got in NZ. Very excited about this one!

No designs published but I’ve been reworking my nudibranch pattern and I designed a new amigurumi that needs writing up. Pretty excited about both of those.

5 km ran without stopping – in progress
This doesn’t seem like much but currently I can’t run more than a few minutes without having to slow down to a walk, so I’d like to be able to actually run without dying for 5 km!

Still going on this one, my routine jogging route is about 3 km now so I’m definitely getting closer. 

4 LOTR squares finished – 1/4
Yes I know I’ve been making this for ages but 2018 is the year I get it finished!

Not even started on the next one! Whoops! 

3 jumpers knitted – 0/3
Similarly to the need for socks, I will need more jumpers this year! I already have the yarn and a pattern for my first jumper so I’m hoping this goes smoothly.

Still not started because I desperately need to cast off my RBTL shawl first! This is killing me I think I will try to finish the RBTL in April but I’ll need all the concentration I can get. 

2 getaway trips – 1/2
We are trying to save money for a house deposit this year, but I’d still like to get a couple weekends away with hubby. We already have one planned, we will be going to the Bendigo sheep and wool show in July

We have booked Bendigo!! I’m so excited about it I just can’t wait 😀 we have also obviously just finished a week and a half holidays in Queensland and it was great to spend time with family and friends. We even went to our very fist escape room and it was so much fun! 

1 thesis submitted – 0/1
I’m so keen to finish my PhD, so this is definitely my n°1 goal this year!

This is going well, only the last paragraphs of the discussion to polish up, but I have until July so no stress! 

That’s it for me! I also really wanted to thank you so much for all your support on my previous 18 for 2018 posts, you guys are the best and really keep me motivated! I’ll be back a bit more regularly from this week on, with at least WIP Wednesday posts to show you what I’ve been up to lately.




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Hand Quilt Along – 1/04/18

Happy Easter everyone!

I hope you’ve had a great week, I’m sorry I’ve been off blogging for a little while. Hubby and I are on holidays and we’ve just been enjoying seeing family and friends.

Today though is our scheduled 3 weekly quilt along post and I am sharing my progress on my EPP blanket. I’ve had quite a bit of progress since last time but I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to share anything next time because I’m away from home again for work. So this will have to do for the next time as well!

I hope you’ve all been productive as well, and that you all had a wonderful Easter!

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.
Here are the others participating in this HQAL, please go check their posts!


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