LOTR CAL week 4


Today in our LOTR crochet along, we are having our first characters. In the original layout I have planned, there are 12 smaller squares, 8 of which will have characters and 4 with LOTR related objects (like the Lothlorien leaf brooch from week 2 and the ring from week 3).

Our first character is Frodo. I have also prepared an alternate square featuring Merry in case you prefer him over Frodo. Next week will be Sam and Pippin. It is totally up to you if you want to make Frodo and Sam, or Merry and Pippin, or even mix it up and use them in different combinations (and why not do them all if you really like Hobbitses?)

PDF for Frodo


PDF for Merry


Quite a bit of colours this week so we will see how I go. I have finished the ring square but haven’t taken pics yet so it will be for tomorrow!

Happy crocheting!


Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 2.31.28 PM



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14 responses to “LOTR CAL week 4

  1. Do you have a general layout in mind of what the whole thing will look like? I really want to cross stitch this! But it’s not as easy to join cross stitch blocks as it is in crochet haha. I don’t want the surprise of the new blocks ruined, but I’m wondering how big I should make the border and where the blocks should go?

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