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Blankets and New Year

Happy New Year guys!

I hope you all had great holidays and that you had fun times with your loved ones. 

I had a great week with my mum and I finished the stitch stop and roll blanket for her. 

With the leftover yarn, I also made a ripple stitch lapghan for my dad. 

They go so well together and will be lovely for the rest of winter back in France. 

Again have a very happy new year! 



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Stitch stop & roll afghan – part 4

I’m a bit late this week, but this part took longer than expected. I had to do two full colours before I could fasten off (total of 5 new rows) to finish this part. 

The white part is actually popping out, giving a nice 3D structure to the hexagons. 

I think that I should be finished (hopefully) by next week but we will see. In the worst case it’s not a big deal as mum doesn’t arrive until the 27th 🙂 

Only a week and a bit until Christmas!!! 



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Stitch stop and roll afghan – part 2

I love how fast this blanket is working up 🙂 I am now making the three half hexagons at the same time as the other hexagons just to keep it simple for me with the colour changes. 

I am now up to row 7 out of 19. My mum arrives on the 27th of December and leaves on the 2nd of January, so I have until then to finish this, so that she can bring it back home. 

How are your presents coming along?



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Mystery afghan CAL – week 8

This is just a quick post before I have to leave for the Great Barrier Reef! 

I might actually be a bit late for week 9 next week, as I’ll only be back on Wednesday very late. 

Without further due, here it is! 
Week 8 was adding 2 rows for the border. I actually really like how the colours from last week come through the first row and the crosses look very cool on the second row. 

 Have a great weekend everyone and I’ll be back on Thursday! 

😘 X



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Mystery Afghan CAL – week 7 

The initial 20 squares have been put together but I haven’t finished adding the extra 5.  

I really like this binding method it looks very good!

Hope you had a great week!

😘 X


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Mystery Afghan CAL – week 5

Hello awesome people and happy Friday! 

I am finally at yes half way point for this CAL, and this week’s step was very easy which is good because I really needed to get started with some birthday gifts. 

The step was to add a centre piece on each of the squares. 


Pretty groovy right? 😊

I’ve also finished the little cactus for my friend 🌵 (I just added a pink flower on top) and got started with a pink elephant amigurumi 🐘 for another birthday in September (in 2 weeks actually). 

 I hope you guys had a wonderful week! 



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Mystery Afghan CAL – week 4

I am almost half way through this CAL and I have already learnt so much. I have to admit I was a bit afraid at one point that I wouldn’t like the final design but I absolutely loved this week’s step! 

Without further waiting, here are my week 4 finished squares 

in week 4, the squares got significantly bigger


when all put together, it’s becoming a reasonable size

For this week, we had to work around our previous steps in colour A, while making sure to leave the long bits (colour D, in pale grey for me) at the front. The tutorial videos are actually very useful for this CAL, just to make a bit more sense of the pattern alone. My squares are currently blocking and waiting for the next step, so stay tuned 😉  

I hope you all had a productive week, full of beautiful creations 😊

😘 X



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Mystery Afghan CAL – week 3 

Happy Friday lovely people! Once again it is time for the yarnspiration CAL update! 

Week 3 was 2 rounds, one in colour C and one in colour D.  

week 3 round 1 with colour C


week 3 round 2 with colour D

And here they are all together!   

Also I got started with a stitching project, I’m embroiding water Pokemon on a cotton square. 

I’m starting with relicanth, he is one of my favourites. 

Have a lovely weekend! 




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