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Happy Halloween!

Our first Halloween at our house went great! We had our first trick-or-treaters, and I must say they were very brave to climb all the way to our house (we have a really steep driveway). 

Our party was really fun, we got to eat a lot (too many?) of lollies and I tried a great recipe for dragon eggs and pumpkin juice.  

HP themed house 🙂 was super fun to make


I wish you all a happy Halloween! 




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Poké-alphabet week 3

It has already been 3 week since I started my Pokemon alphabet. Time flies when you have fun! I have decided to keep on doing the black outlines and letters rather than “colouring” each Pokemon before going to the next. I might do more colours next week but I didn’t get much time to cross stitch this week with Halloween coming. 

B is for Bulbasaur 

colours finished for bulbasaur


colours so far

C is for Charmander, and D is for Dratini

c and d outlines

My HP robes are finished and the second ones for my fiancé are almost done as well ( just missing the arms). 

I also made some tags for drinks and food.    

Only one night and it will be time for the party! Yay! 

Happy Halloween everyone 👻🎃🕸




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I got accepted to Hogwarts! 

I really wish! I’m a little obsessed with Harry Potter (I may or may not have read book 4 over 20 times) and my Halloween costumes are coming along nicely. I have almost finished my robes and I need to add the coloured fabric to my fiancé’s one. 

This is my first big sewing project and I feel like I’ve already made so much progress. I had to re-adjust my sleeves because the shoulders were too low but I’m happy with how it turned out. 


Excuse my tired face, it’s been a long day 😁

I’ve also started yet another amigurumi project. I am making a doll that I can crochet cool clothes for. I’m thinking of gifting it to one of my little cousin and hope she will have heaps of fun with it.   


so far, I have the head and the top part of the body

This hopefully will also help me de-stash. 

That’s it for my Wednesday WIP update! Until next time 😎

😘 X



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New week, new goals!

This weekend went very good, I got a lot of nice comments about my Army on Parade on Saturday and it was fun to spend the day at the hobby shop it had been a while!

Here are some pictures that are available on the GW Mount Gravatt Facebook page

IMG_2909 IMG_2910 IMG_2911 IMG_2912

And here are the 3 winners of the day, they really did an amazing job so it was well deserved!


First place – Ryan and his Khorne Bloodbound


Second place – Jamie with Beard-Force one (and an amazing water effect on his board)


And third place – Nate and his battle scene: Iron Hands Vs Orks

On another note, Halloween this weekend! I’m so excited because we are having a Harry Potter themed party and I have been making Hogwarts robes for my fiancé and I. I really need to finish those for the weekend, along with our magic wands! So those are my goals for this week. I am also planning on making a whole menu based on HP featured dishes so stay tuned, I’ll be posting some pics next weekend.

And finally, Mr. Jelly has accompanied me to work today, to help me correct assignments 🙂


Have a lovely week



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Models, de-stash and Poké-alphabet week 2 


This week was pretty rough but I managed to make it through. I spent most of the week frantically painting for my Armies of Parade exhibition tomorrow. I’m pleased to say I finished my board and the models I planned on displaying.  


I also got s’more of Mr. Jelly’s tentacles done, so the de-stash is going well 😊  there is a lot of blue on this side but I’m trying to add in some more oranges and reds.

And finally, I have finished A for Alakazam and I am now stitching B for Bulbasaur.  

 I hope tomorrow’s exhibit goes well and I wish you all an amazing weekend!

😘 X


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Stash busting 

A quick post today, I’ve been very busy with painting the rest of my models for Saturday, I still need to finish my board, probably get that done tomorrow 🙂 

I’m also in the process of de-stashing a little so I’m following this cool pattern for a new jellyfish amigurumi. I’m making his tentacles rainbow 🌈  

Do you have any cool de-stash pattern you like to follow? 

😘 X


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Fishy and upcoming competition

Good morning crafters!

Last weekend we went back (after a very long absence) to our local Games Workshop hobby shop: The Hall of the Great Wolf. Seeing all those models made me want to play again and especially to continue painting my armies! Luckily, next Saturday, there is an Armies on Parade competition held at the hobby shop. We have to bring a board and an army, all painted and looking nice. You probably don’t remember but a few months ago I was working on this guy, a volcano board. Since, I’ve added some lava (which I need to finish before next Saturday) and I also want to add some details (including some moss and eggs).

Eggs? What eggs? I have decided to display my Tyranids army, so they will be Tyranids eggs. Tyranids are monster looking creatures that all form a collective entity, can share thoughts instantly through “synapse” (psychic) communication and have for only goal to feed on all bio-matter they can find, reproduce and advance through the universe.

Overall, I just think they look great and they are fun to play with, which is why I chose them. Also, the colour scheme I chose for them is bone and blue, which I think will look nice on a volcanic terrain.


Hive Tyrant – He is the leader of the army


Termagaunts – basic soldiers, good at shooting


Genestealer – sneaky, with rending claws (can go through his opponents armour)


Hormagaunts – basic soldiers like the termagaunts, but they are a combat unit rather than a shooting unit

Now before next Saturday, I just need to finish a few other models and to finish the lava effect on the board and I’ll be ready to enter in the Armies of Parade comp!

Crochet-wise, I was trying to reduce my stash a little and I found this really cute pattern on yarspirations website to crochet tropical fish dishcloths. I changed the pattern slightly to make a rainbow fish! 

I hope you guys had an amazing weekend!



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Mystery Afghan CAL – week 10 

That’s it! My mystery afghan is complete! I was unsure if I would like it at some point during the CAL but now it’s finished I absolutely love it!    

 Now that it is starting to get warmer, I will move on to more cross stitch. I have started this week my first Pokemon on my Poke-alphabet and here it is so far! 

A is for Alakazam


I haven’t quite finished the pattern either so I’ll post that when I’m done and I’ll give updates on Fridays 😊

Have a lovely weekend 

😘 X



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Frame and new project 


Already the middle of the week, and I’ve been pretty busy!

Here is my deer all framed! 

I forgot to post about my MOOC on Monday, so here it is! We are still on pattern recognition and reproduction, so I made this in only 9-10 lines of code! Yay!   Also I have found a project to replace the CAL finishing on Friday 😊 I will be stitching a Pokemon alphabet. I’ve been looking for Pokemon I really like and putting a pattern together.

First Pokemon will be up on Friday so stay tuned!

😘 X


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Old and new 

Happy Monday!

I had a very good weekend with our friends coming over on Saturday to play board games and some spring cleaning and craft time on Sunday. 

While tidying up the living room (aka my craft area) I realised that the embroidery box my nana gave me when I was a kid started falling apart. 

All the leather casings meant to hold scissors, needles, etc. fell off. So I thought I could rip out the top of the box and make it new, using the old leather casings to keep it vintage.   

Not pretty! I used a cereals box to have a hard base and sew some fabric on top before sewing the leather back in place. Not finished yet but this is it so far. 

What do you think?

 I need to remove the rust from some of the other tools as well but I’ll take care of that later. 

I have also finished my half cross stitch this weekend, now I just need to find a frame for it!

I have also found a project to do from next week onwards (to replace my CAL), this time it will be a SAL with weekly updates on Fridays. More info on that in the coming days! 

Have a lovely week everyone and craft on! 

😘 X



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