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FO Friday – Crochet Dolls

Happy Friday lovely readers!

I have had a busy week, started another WIP (seems like I can’t help myself!) which I’m super excited about, but today I want to show you my second crochet doll! They have been sent away on Monday to their new house and they should arrive next week, I’m super excited for my friend to receive them 😊

Here is my second doll, along with Candice, please meet Alizée!


And because they are girlfriends in real life, I though I would do a little photoshop magic and show their love


Aren’t they cute together? I had lots of fun making them and making their clothes, and now I’m really looking forward making a mini-me using Edward’s Doll Emporium! But first, I have a few WIPs to finish 😂

Have a great weekend!




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A proper introduction is in order!

Happy Wednesday lovely readers!

I would like to properly introduce you to Sadie, my amigurumi doll. Thanks again to Cheyanne and Alexa for their names suggestions, I really liked Chloe but Saddie just really grew on me and so that’s the name I chose for her 🙂

She now has her very own 2 legs and I made her some cute red shorts (her fave colour).

If anyone has a pattern for a tank top or shirt for her, that would be awesome 🙂


On another note, I was thinking about hosting a Lord Of The Rings crochet a-long, I’ve started designing a few squares (which I will probably end up making anyway, I really want to try a bobble stitch graphghan!) but let me know if you guys would be interested in joining up with me, I’ll put the graphs here 🙂




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Long time no see!

Hi guys! 

I don’t know if you remember my amigurumi doll, but it got very neglected over the Christmas period/ beginning of the year. I’m aiming to finish most of my wips before starting new projects, and I saw her sitting all alone in her WIP basket so I decided to finish her body at least and I can get working on a cute dress later on during the year.  
The hair has been taking FOREVER! So she still had a bald patch but hopefully it will get covered by the end of the week! 

I wanted her to still be in a happy mood so I’ve made her first accessory, a headband with a bow. Looks like it worked, she gave me her most beautiful smile!

Which reminds me, my doll still doesn’t have a name. Maybe you guys could give me suggestions and I’ll chose the one I like the most and make it official next Monday with her (hopefully) being finished! 😊

Wishing you all a great last week of February 




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Too many wips!!!

Hello crafters!

First, I hope that for those of you who are in France, you and your family and friends are all safe. When I woke up on Saturday morning and got the news of the attacks (Saturday morning in Australia is Friday night in France) I had never been so afraid as my little brother lives in Paris in the area where the attacks happened. Fortunately he is fine and I am so grateful.

But enough of this, there is no point being afraid, we only need to stay strong and united.

On a happier note, I have waaaay to many wips at the moment! I guess I’m just going project crazy because of Christmas!

So here it goes.

I finished my picnic mat, it’s pretty big, it confortably fits 2 persons + some yummy food! 
My doll is also coming along, I only need to finish the feet/legs and then I can finally get to the fun part of doing the clothes 🙂 

My lace table center is also getting bigger, I love the feel of the tiny crochet hook and of the cotton thread.  

And last but not least, my two Mr.  Jelly are getting more tentacles.

bag full of tentacles

I wish you all a wonderful week.

Lots of love



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I got accepted to Hogwarts! 

I really wish! I’m a little obsessed with Harry Potter (I may or may not have read book 4 over 20 times) and my Halloween costumes are coming along nicely. I have almost finished my robes and I need to add the coloured fabric to my fiancé’s one. 

This is my first big sewing project and I feel like I’ve already made so much progress. I had to re-adjust my sleeves because the shoulders were too low but I’m happy with how it turned out. 


Excuse my tired face, it’s been a long day 😁

I’ve also started yet another amigurumi project. I am making a doll that I can crochet cool clothes for. I’m thinking of gifting it to one of my little cousin and hope she will have heaps of fun with it.   


so far, I have the head and the top part of the body

This hopefully will also help me de-stash. 

That’s it for my Wednesday WIP update! Until next time 😎

😘 X



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