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Happy Halloween 🎃 

Happy Halloween readers!

To celebrate Halloween this year, some friends, my husband and I decided to visit a local haunted prison. It was my first time visiting a prison and I thought the tour was actually pretty cool. 

The tour lasted 2 hours and made us visit the Boggo road prison in Brisbane. Over 150 persons died in there, and stories tell that anyone who passed away within those wall is trapped for eternity, their soul forced to remain to haunt the living. 

In proper Halloween style, tonight was overcast and the light gloomy. We were given torches as we began the tour, and there were no other lights in the prison as we visited. 

We got given a guide with all the stories we got told tonight, plus a few more, at the end of the evening. Some of the stuff that has happened in there is actually pretty spooky. 

What fun activity have you done/planned for Halloween this year? 

Happy Halloween again! 



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Fan fiction inspiration 


This week has been crazy! My husband was away and work was so busy but I’ve ‘discovered’ a new fun thing to do. 

Now I know I’m actually rather late to the party but I’ve started reading Harry Potter fan fictions (because ❤️ Harry Potter) and especially ones with the very questionable (but so awesome) Draco/Hermione couple. 

I have to say I am in love! And now I totally ship Dramione! 

I got quite inspired from stories I’ve read so far and so I’ve done a bit of drawing. 

Those are just outlines of the characters (I do want to draw them with more interaction but I need to make sure I know how I want them to be first). 

And then I’ve drawn this, which I’m actually quite fond of. 

(In case you wonder, Punksalad is my deviant art ID 😉)

Let me know what you think and have a great weekend! I’ll be working hard on that table center and hopefully finish it 🙂



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Prague table center WIP

Happy Wednesday crafters! 

I have made some good progress on my souvenir from Prague, a table center ready to stitch!

I have finished the roses and I have started on the darker green (stems and small leaves) 

My goal is to have it finished by next Monday (so by the end of the month), and then I can get on with other projects 🙂 



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What am I?

Happy Friday!

Can you guess what I’m up to? 😉 



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Half hexagons pattern

Happy Wednesday readers!

I have finished all my full hexagons for my snowflake afghan so that’s a pretty big win! I also came up with a pattern for a half snowflake and thought I could share with you. 


Slip stitch – sl st

Chain – ch

Single stitch – sc 

Double stitch – dc

Popcorn stitch – 4 dc into the next ch space, remove hook from working loop and insert hook through top of first of the 4 dc, pick up working loop and draw loop through the top of first sc. 

Ch 6 – join with a sl st to the first chain to form a ring 

Ch 1 – sc 8 in the ring – turn 

Ch 5 – *dc in next sc, ch 2* repeat 6 more times – turn 

Sl st into the 2 ch gap – popcorn stitch in the next 2 ch gap (ch 3 as the first dc), ch3 – *popcorn stitch, ch 3* repeat 5 more times – turn

Ch 4 – *4 dc in the next 3ch gap, ch1* repeat 5 times – dc in the top of the last popcorn stitch – turn

Sl st into the 1 ch gap – ch 3, 2 dc into the same 1 ch gap – *ch 2, dc in the next 1 ch gap, ch 1, dc into the same 1 ch gap, ch 2, 3 dc in the next 1 ch gap, ch 3, 3dc in the same 1 ch gap* repeat once – ch 2, dc in the next 1 ch gap, ch 1, dc into the same 1 ch gap, ch 2, 3 dc in the next 1 ch gap

Fasten off
The last round sounds a bit complicated but it’s what makes the shape of the hexagon and you do get the hang of it pretty fast 🙂 

Hopefully I have all my blocks joined next week 🙂 


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Snowflower diaries joyful world – March

A quick update tonight on the joyful world SAL from the snowflower diaries. 

I’ve started March and continued the side border 🙂

Hopefully I get a bit more done next week so that I can stay on track. The design is super cute too as always so it should keep me motivated 🙂 

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Snowflake blanket WIP

Hello lovely readers!

I have made some progress on my snowflake blanket, but I need your advice now. I am not sure what to do for the sides of it. My two options are to do half hexagons to have straight edges or to leave it as is.

I’m leaning towards making half circles at the moment but any opinion would be welcome 🙂

I currently have 6 rows and I am planning to add just another one, so hopefully it should be finished soon (by the end of the month?). The finished blanket will be perfect size for a baby or as a lapghan.

That’s it for me today! Until next time 🙂




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September SAL with Helene

Hello everyone! 

I’ve caught up with the SALs! Yeah! Now I just need to stay motivated and keep going but it shouldn’t be too hard with all the beautiful designs she has in stock for us!  

So here is September, we have been enjoying vines and very nice autumn colours. 

Those grapes took me so long to outline but the final effect is gorgeous don’t you think? 


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Projects and goals for the end of the year

Happy Friday! 

Where have the months gone?With October already well started, I thought I would do a quick recap of the projects I have started but have yet to complete this year. 

Crochet wise, there are 3 main projects I’d like to progress on. 

The first one is my snowflake afghan, which has been slightly abandoned. Apparently last time I posted about it I could find the motivation to finish it, and I’d say that I still haven’t! 

I also joined a granny square blanket project earlier this year but I got very unmotivated with it, even though a lot of squares are now done. 

And lastly my LOTR graphghan, but I have actually been working on that, it’s just that the centre square is taking aaaaages… 😓

Now, with cross stitch, I feel like I’ve been pretty good! 

Of course I need to finish Helene’s stitch alongs but I’ve nearly caught up on the September one so that should be okay 🙂

Then I need to keep going with the snowflower diaries joyful world calendar, I would love to gift it to my nana for Christmas. 

And finally, a pretty old project I had was to stitch a Thumbelina cushion, adding from the bookmark I have with all the costumes she wears in the movie. That would also make a nice Christmas present as well for my Aunty. 

That’s it from me, but do you guys have projects to finish by the end of the year? 

P.S. I promised a picture of the Salamanca shawl around my neck, so here it is!




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Salamanca shawl – finished

Happy Monday! 

We had a long weekend here in Queensland and so I worked all day on my shawl, using the beautiful wool I bought in Tasmania. 

I used this pattern, based only on the graph I found on Pinterest (couldn’t be bothered reading it!) 

I used a pretty small hook (3 mm) so my motifs look way smaller obviously 😁 

But I like the overall effect and it will be big enough to keep my neck cosy (I’m intending to use it as a scarf rather than a shawl). 

As you can see it looks already better when it’s pinned for blocking, compared to before. 

And here is the detail of the motif, it’s a bit wet as I just sprayed it for blocking 😊

I’ll try to remember to post a picture of it around my neck! Hope you all have a great week!

With love


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