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Clark’s quilt is finally done!

Hello everyone!

I am so happy to report that after years (!) of work on it, Clark’s quilt is finally finished! Well, to be fair it has been finished since July but I never seemed to find the time to post about it. I’ve really loved working on it, it was very slow as I’ve hand stitched pretty much the whole thing (except for the back of the binding). The best thing about this quilt is all the memories it holds. It has travelled all the way down from brisbane with us when we moved to Melbourne. It also has some fabrics in it that have come from Belfast when I went there for a conference, some fabrics that were gifted to me, and the back fleece that my mum bought when I was pregnant with Clark.

It fits perfectly on Clark’s bed! Win!

The best part is that Clark actually loves it, he has been carrying it around the house on some occasions and really likes cuddling up under it.

I have a new quilt idea already, this new one will also be very special but I’ll make a separate post to share my planning and progress with you 😊

I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey that this quilt has been on, and I’m so happy to be back blogging!

My attempt at a lifestyle shot 😅


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New website!

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since I last wrote directly on this blog, a lot of things have been happening in the background. I have still been crafting a lot but I have decided to take my crochet patterns to the next level by starting a business! I’m super excited and a little scared about this new venture (but mostly excited!).

A few of my designs 🥰

I will try to keep on posting here, especially about my sewing (I have some exciting updates with my hand quilt and Clark’s quiet book) but if you’d like to read more about my crochet updates, I now have a brand new website where I’ll be sharing new patterns, free patterns from other designers as well as exciting events/contests/giveaways happening around the web (mostly on Instagram and Ravelry).

I hope to see you over, and I’m looking forward to sharing about sewing here again!


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Amigurumi Showcase – Free patterns part 1

Emma Crafts Design

Hello crocheters!

As promised here is the first round of free patterns that have been made available as part of the Amigurumi Showcase! I will only be sharing the patterns that have caught my eye and that I am planning to make myself (I will update this post with pictures of my makes once I have finished them). These are in no particular order, I’ve also tried to link to the designers’ blogs, Ravelry or Etsy pages if you fancy making any of their other patterns.

1. Kumi the Tiny Doll. She has been designed by a fellow Melbourne designer, Cara, and is just the cutest little lady!

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Feature – Amigurumi Showcase Shortlisted Designs

Emma Crafts Design

Hello crafters!

I’m here to report on the #amigurumishowcase that was organised over on Instagram. My pattern, Gigi the Galah (you can see her design process here) was not shortlisted but fear not, I have now sent my pattern to testers and it will be released for free in a few weeks as promised!

I love the crochet designer community, everyone has been so gracious and will be publishing their entry to the contest for free sometime this month, either on Instagram or on their blogs, so you can expect another feature post in the near future with a list of brand new awesome pattern curated by yours truly 😉

In the mean time, let’s come back to the 6 shortlisted designs! Each designer will release their pattern for free on Instagram in the next 3 weeks, and the public vote will happen on the 4th of October. I…

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Feature – Amigurumi Wildlife Adventure

Hello crafters! You may already know this but September is Biodiversity month here is Australia. To celebrate this, I thought I’d do a special …

Feature – Amigurumi Wildlife Adventure


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