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A bit of a roundup 

Happy Friday lovely readers!

What a week! And I can’t believe it’s already the end of April, which means that a third of the year has already gone by. I thought that this called for a roundup on my year so far. I have been bad and actually have more wips than when I started the year, with only one project that I finished from my previous wips 🙊 oh well!

So currently I have 4 big projects on my hooks, with one other (it’s a secret!) to be added this weekend (but hopefully a finish as well!)

  • The LOTR blanket, which I haven’t touched in a week
  • My Mandala Madness, which I haven’t touched either in some time (but I’m planning on doing some over the weekend)
  • My virus shawl, I’m actually doing well on this, I’m mostly hooking it on the car when it’s not my day to drive (we alternate with my husband)
  • The beautiful shells baby blanket, which I absolutely need to finish by Sunday (no pressure!)

Then on my hoops I have only two projects, but one is actually an ongoing thing over the year

And I also have socks to knit!

Thankfully I also had plenty of finished projects in the last 4 months, here are the photos to prove it!

I wish you all a beautiful weekend, here we have Monday off for Labour day and you know what that means: more crochet time for me! Yay!



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Springtime versatile shawl

Hello readers!

So I am a bit late on my usual posting schedule, but the weekend has been so hectic with the move and we still don’t have internet, probably until next week 😦 so I am posting on my phone today and for the rest of the week.

I did get time today to finish the springtime versatile shawl though, and it was lovely to finally be able to sit in our new house and get some crochet time 🙂

Anyway, here it is!

I love that I can wear it in so many different ways! This shawl definitely is named appropriately!

I hope that you guys have all had a great Anzac Day.


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Beautiful shells baby blanket

Happy Friday!

As I mentioned last week, I did start a few new projects over the Easter weekend. I showed you the springtime versatile shawl on Wednesday. Now, I want to show you a baby blanket I’ve started for a baby shower next week. I’ve copied Mrs Craft and used the beautiful shells pattern for this baby blanket. The baby is a little girl (which is super exciting as the future mum already has two boys!) and I hope she will like the girly colours I’ve chosen.

The blanket is a bit bigger than that right now but it’s somewhere in a cardboard. We are finishing to move all our stuff in the new house tomorrow, so I’ll dig it up then and continue working on it. Hopefully it’ll be finished by Sunday next week 🙂

Have a great weekend!


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WIP Wednesday – Springtime Versatile Shawl

Happy Wednesday!

Last week, Brenna over at Crochet539 posted a pattern for the Springtime Versatile shawl. I immediately really liked the look of it, and as I lost my scarf last year when I went to Tasmania, I was on the lookout for a new pattern to make. This is it! With the weather getting cooler here, this was the perfect time to make a start.


The colours I have chosen are yellow and purple, I really like this combo and I think it will brighten the darker winter days. I’m already past the half way point, so hopefully I’ll be finished soon 🙂 you can follow this project on my Ravelry page.

Thanks again Brenna for this beautiful pattern! I can’t wait to wear my new shawl 🙂



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Easter eggs and frogs

Happy Monday lovelies!

This weekend of four days has been great, but I started more projects and didn’t finish much! Oh well! It felt good to put some fresh ideas on the hook, and I’m sure I’ll get there eventually.

I did get to finish a small object, and it was actually very relevant to Easter!


It could be either a pokemon or a yoshi egg, and it’s now my new needle/pin cushion.

One of my big projects this weekend was to continue cleaning up in sight of our imminent move (we should be getting the keys this week and hopefully moving on Saturday). I found an old project in one of my hip containers, a wanna be granny square blanket. There were so many issues with this project, first I don’t know what I was thinking with those colours, they just do go together at all! Then, I was pretty silly and decided that each square would be a different design, which just did not work as they weren’t even the same size and ended up making the joining a nightmare. As a reminder, here are some pictures.

So, I decided to frog it all!

The only thing is that I don’t know what to make out of all this scrap yarn! Do you guys have any idea?

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend 🙂



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LOTR CAL – Witch King square

Hello lovely readers!

Today was Good Friday, which meant no work and more crochet time! I’ve finished the PDF pattern for Arno the Escargot, and you can find it in my Ravelry shop. I’ve also started a few new projects, which I’ll talk about next week. 

But what I was most happy about is that I’ve finished another LOTR square! 

Here comes the Witch King of Angmar, with mace and all! 

I was really happy to finish this one, I got super frustrated when I started as I knew I wouldn’t have enough yarn for the background, so I went back to spotlight to try to get the same colour and I could not find it at all. So I got another purple and decided to split the background in half. I didn’t know if I would like it but I think it ended up looking quite good! Only 5 more squares to go! 

Have a great Easter 😊



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WIP Wednesday – joyful world

Hello lovely readers!

We are planning on moving next week so our house is starting to get packed. This means I had to get some of my craft supplies sorted, especially the bigillion embroidery threads that got passed on to me. And the beads! So many beads… 

Most of those will go into boxes but I’m keeping enough threads to work on my joyful world SAL from the Snowflower Diaries

This is where it was at last time. 

And now I’ve almost finished April, with only the ground to finish stitching. 

And here is all the stitching I’ve done so far, just to remind you (and me) 😊

Now, back to packing a few things before bed!


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Snail amigurumi pattern

Happy Monday crafters!

I have finally found the time to write up my snail amigurumi pattern, I still need to finalise the PDF but here is the free pattern for you to use! Once I finish it, the PDF will be available for AU$2 on my Ravelry and Etsy stores 🙂

My little snail has also been finally named, and after my best friend, which is fitting because he is French: Arno the escargot!

Now, without further ado, the pattern for this cute little guy.



  • DK or 8ply yarn in two different colours (Main Colour for the body and Contrast Colour for the shell)
  • 3.75 (F) crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle and scissors
  • Polyfill

Optional: 2x 7.5mm safety eyes (not meant for children under 3 y.o.)


Abbreviation used

Ch: chain         Sc: single crochet        St: stitch          *…*: repeat

sc2 tog: single crochet 2 stitches together (invisible decrease)

All pieces are worked through both loops of the stitches and the body is worked in the round without joining


Body – make 1

In main colour

Round 1. sc 6 in magic ring

Round 2. 2sc in each st around

Round 3. *2sc in the next st, sc 1* around

Rounds 4-6. sc in each st around

Round 7. ch 5, sl st 4 from second st from

hook, sc 6, ch 5, sl st 4 from second

st from hook, sc 12 (antennae)

Add the safety eyes in front of the antennae

Round 8-12. sc in each st around

Round 13. *sc2 tog, sc 1* around

Rounds 14-17. sc in each st around

Round 18. *sc2 tog* around

Round 19-20. sc in each st around

Round 21. *sc2 tog* around

Stuff to desired firmness

Cast off and sew shut


Shell – make 1

In contrast colour

Ch 2

Row 1. 2sc from second st from hook, ch 1, turn

Row 2. 2sc in the next st, sc 1, ch 1, turn

Row 3. sc 3, ch 1, turn

Row 4. sc 1, 2sc in the next st, sc 1, ch 1, turn

Row 5. sc 4, ch 1, turn

Row 6. sc 1, 2sc in the next st, sc 2, ch 1, turn

Row 7. sc 5, ch 1, turn

Row 8. sc 2, 2sc in the next st, sc 2, ch 1, turn

Row 9. sc 6, ch 1, turn

Row 10. sc 2, 2sc in the next st, sc 3, ch 1, turn

Row 11. sc 7, ch 1, turn

Row 12. sc 3, 2sc in the next st, sc 3, ch 1, turn

Row 13. sc 8, ch 1, turn

Row 14. sc 3, 2sc in the next st, sc 4, ch 1, turn

Row 15. sc 9, ch 1, turn

Row 16. sc 4, 2sc in the next st, sc 4, ch 1, turn

Row 17. sc 10, ch 1, turn

Row 18. sc 4, 2sc in the next st, sc 5, ch 1, turn

Row 19. sc 11, ch 1, turn

Row 20. sc 5, 2sc in the next st, sc 5, ch 1, turn

Row 21. sc 12, ch 1, turn

Row 22. sc 5, 2sc in the next st, sc 6, ch 1, turn

Row 23. sc 13, ch 1, turn

Row 24. sc 6, 2sc in the next st, sc 6, ch 1, turn

Row 25. sc 14, ch 1, turn

Row 26. sc 6, 2sc in the next st, sc 7, ch 1, turn

Row 27. sc 15, ch 1, turn

Row 28. sc 7, 2sc in the next st, sc 7, ch 1, turn

Row 29. sc 16, ch 1, turn

Row 30. sc 7, 2sc in the next st, sc 8, ch 1, turn

Row 31. sc 17, ch 1, turn

Row 32. sc 8, 2sc in the next st, sc 8, ch 1, turn

Row 33. sc 18, ch 1, turn

Row 34. sc 8, 2sc in the next st, sc 9, ch 1, turn

Row 35. sc 19, ch 1, turn

Row 36. sc 9, 2sc in the next st, sc 9, ch 1, turn

Row 37. sc 20, ch 1, turn

Cast off leaving a very long tail

Sew the shell along the long side of the triangle

to obtain a cone, still leaving a long tail



  1. Stuff the shell loosely and sew the cone on itself to make a spiral
  2. Sew the shell to the top of the snail body


I hope that you guys enjoy this pattern, if you make it I’d love to see your snail. You can tag #emmacraftprojects on Instagram as well so that I can find your creations more easily 🙂

Have a great week!




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March SAL with Helene

Happy Friday!

Once again I am joining in Helene’s Stitch along on her blog Helene et Mahelia.

This month’s design is another forest critter, a little robin! This month was super quick to stitch, and I turned this birdie into another cute ornament.

Have a great weekend!



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WIP Wednesday – Glynis socks 

Hello wonderful readers!

I’m super happy today, because I’ve finished my first sock! I probably should have started with an easier pattern for my first pair, but I just fell in love with the details. The pattern is from the book “Sock Innovation” and, like the title says, it is the Glynis design.

It’s also getting quite cool here after the time torrential rains from last week, so I’m quite pleased with how warm this sock is! Now, to knit the second one!



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