Stash busting part 2!

Hey hey everyone! What a busy weekend! The birthdays were great, we had yummy food and plenty (too much?) of wine. 

I realised I didn’t show you my 2 jellyfish finished!  The pink one is mine and the blue one is for my best friend (hello Christmas present!)

introducing mister jelly 1 and 2


The picture is a bit dark but the tentacle are very very colourful and are the results of my attempt at stash busting

I’m saying attemp here because although the 2 jellies have quite a few tentacles, my stash was still pretty full! 

So, I’ve decided to start a new stash busting project: the corner to corner rainbow blanket! I followed this free pattern and just changed yarn after 6 rows or when it ran out. As you can see, mainly when it ran out!    

I absolutely love it, it’s so unique and colourful! 

What’s your best stash busting project?




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10 responses to “Stash busting part 2!

  1. Those jellyfish are AMAZING!!! I’m trying to come up with a good stash busting project but I have so many different textures and whatnot. I think I’ll try making a hat a week to donate in 2016 and see what that does to my stash 🙂


  2. Wow these guys are the coolest! 🙂


  3. Oh my gosh!!! They look fantastic!!! I just want to play with those tentacles!!! Haha… sounds a bit rude!!!


  4. Erin and Sky

    How cool! Those jellies are fantastic. Love the blanket too. I’m a sucker for making squares as a stash buster.


  5. Brilliant love the jellies


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