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Stash busting part 2!

Hey hey everyone! What a busy weekend! The birthdays were great, we had yummy food and plenty (too much?) of wine. 

I realised I didn’t show you my 2 jellyfish finished!  The pink one is mine and the blue one is for my best friend (hello Christmas present!)

introducing mister jelly 1 and 2


The picture is a bit dark but the tentacle are very very colourful and are the results of my attempt at stash busting

I’m saying attemp here because although the 2 jellies have quite a few tentacles, my stash was still pretty full! 

So, I’ve decided to start a new stash busting project: the corner to corner rainbow blanket! I followed this free pattern and just changed yarn after 6 rows or when it ran out. As you can see, mainly when it ran out!    

I absolutely love it, it’s so unique and colourful! 

What’s your best stash busting project?




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Too many wips!!!

Hello crafters!

First, I hope that for those of you who are in France, you and your family and friends are all safe. When I woke up on Saturday morning and got the news of the attacks (Saturday morning in Australia is Friday night in France) I had never been so afraid as my little brother lives in Paris in the area where the attacks happened. Fortunately he is fine and I am so grateful.

But enough of this, there is no point being afraid, we only need to stay strong and united.

On a happier note, I have waaaay to many wips at the moment! I guess I’m just going project crazy because of Christmas!

So here it goes.

I finished my picnic mat, it’s pretty big, it confortably fits 2 persons + some yummy food! 
My doll is also coming along, I only need to finish the feet/legs and then I can finally get to the fun part of doing the clothes 🙂 

My lace table center is also getting bigger, I love the feel of the tiny crochet hook and of the cotton thread.  

And last but not least, my two Mr.  Jelly are getting more tentacles.

bag full of tentacles

I wish you all a wonderful week.

Lots of love



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A Lacey Wednesday 

Good evening crafters! 

My nana is really awesome and sent me a package full of goodies 🙂 I got a new cooking book but what I’m most excited about is the old craft magazines she sent.  

 This is the one I’m using at the moment. I’m working on my lace skills 🙂  this will be a Christmas present.   

I have also finished the top of Mr. Jelly 2. Almost finished this present!   

Last thing, I treated myself to an early Christmas present from yarnspirations. I got the Stitch, Stop and Roll CAL kit in the Ocean  Breeze colours. The CAL is starting in January and I’m very excited about following a CAL at the same time as a lot of other people 😊

Hope the beginning of your week was exciting too. 



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A rainy Monday 

Happy Monday everyone!

The weather got a bit crazy today, it was pretty cool for the season (we are in spring in Australia) and kept on raining. It’s great though because it makes me want to snug under my knitted/ crocheted blankies and do more crochet!

I have been looking around for different craft events and I think next year I will participate in a few exhibitions, just to put my crochet out there and see what other people think of it. I am starting a fun crochet blanket project for that, with an original design based on pixel art.

IMG_2974 Can you guys guess what those are?

Also I have (finally) started on some Christmas gifts, I am making a Mr Jelly n2 for my best friend, but unlike mine, his will be blue.

I wish you all an amazing week!



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New week, new goals!

This weekend went very good, I got a lot of nice comments about my Army on Parade on Saturday and it was fun to spend the day at the hobby shop it had been a while!

Here are some pictures that are available on the GW Mount Gravatt Facebook page

IMG_2909 IMG_2910 IMG_2911 IMG_2912

And here are the 3 winners of the day, they really did an amazing job so it was well deserved!


First place – Ryan and his Khorne Bloodbound


Second place – Jamie with Beard-Force one (and an amazing water effect on his board)


And third place – Nate and his battle scene: Iron Hands Vs Orks

On another note, Halloween this weekend! I’m so excited because we are having a Harry Potter themed party and I have been making Hogwarts robes for my fiancé and I. I really need to finish those for the weekend, along with our magic wands! So those are my goals for this week. I am also planning on making a whole menu based on HP featured dishes so stay tuned, I’ll be posting some pics next weekend.

And finally, Mr. Jelly has accompanied me to work today, to help me correct assignments 🙂


Have a lovely week



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Stash busting 

A quick post today, I’ve been very busy with painting the rest of my models for Saturday, I still need to finish my board, probably get that done tomorrow 🙂 

I’m also in the process of de-stashing a little so I’m following this cool pattern for a new jellyfish amigurumi. I’m making his tentacles rainbow 🌈  

Do you have any cool de-stash pattern you like to follow? 

😘 X


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