Christmas wips

Ohohoh! Christmas is around the corner and I just can’t wait!!! I’ve realised that although my family’s presents are done, I still need to get going for my friends! 

   I only have the head so far but this will be a bulbasaur plush for my friend (I already made her a bulbasaur cross stitch for her birthday). She really liked the umbreon one I’ve made for myself and I thought this would be a good surprise 🙂

I’ve also been working on some cross stitch pattern for thumbelina (one of my all time favourite childhood animated movie).   

It looks weird at the moment because they have no hair! I’ll be aiming to have a pattern for each of her outfit in the movie (she has a few!) and I might add a quote and some of her friends (Jacquimo anyone?)

That’s it folks!

Hope you are all on track for your Christmas gifts! Only 2ish weeks to go!




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2 responses to “Christmas wips

  1. I think I need to give cross stitching a try! I’ve never done it. And I have PILES of embroidery thread. Ha. 🙂

    I’m sort-of on schedule with my gifts this year. Extended family is all but done as are gifts for my mom and her boyfriend. I’m working on a crocheted afghan for my boyfriend that just needs the border (and the ends weaved in at this point) and I need to start some slippers for my brother. Then it’s just pre-order the Avengers Lego Game for my nephew and I’m DONE 🙂


    • emmazocco

      You should definitely give it a go! It’s very relaxing but I can’t really watch TV at the same time unless I have already seen the movie (you need to focus on following the chart ^^)
      My family was pretty easy this year, because I live far I couldn’t really craft anything big so I sent cross stitched bookmarks in my Christmas cards. And we are doing a secret Santa with my fiancé’s family so that’s only 1 present! Hope all your Christmas crochet goes well! I’m sure you’ll get it done in time 🙂 X


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