Feature – Amigurumi Wildlife Adventure

Hello crafters! You may already know this but September is Biodiversity month here is Australia. To celebrate this, I thought I’d do a special …

Feature – Amigurumi Wildlife Adventure


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7 responses to “Feature – Amigurumi Wildlife Adventure

  1. Emma! Howe are you?!!

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    • I’m alive! Haha I’m trying really hard to get back to a blogging schedule, which has been challenging with all the real life stuff getting in the way! But I’ve been good, a bit bored because of lockdown on the weekends but otherwise very busy with work and master Clark. How are you?

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      • Overall good, SD was never in lock down, just “Use your common sense and be considerate of Others” mode.

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      • Oh that’s good, I’m a little bit envious haha! We’ve been in moderate lockdown back in March and now again in a really harsh one and it’s just not fun! Thankful for yarn and fabric and friends/family right now 🥰

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  2. What a great idea. Can’t wait to see more posts!
    I also started my own crafting blog a couple weeks ago, I would love it if you checked it out! 🙂 I hope you keep posting.

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