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Jumpers and Jazz in winter

Happy Saturday my lovely readers!

Today I went to a pretty exciting festival that’s local(ish) to me (if you count 2 hours away being local 😂). It was all about the yarn and the jazz!

I bribed my hubby to come with me by driving there and back myself and I think he did end up having fun too. It was a really lovely day, very sunny but the air was quite crisp so I was able to wear some of my yarny accessories! I got plenty of compliments on my Blurre shawl, which was very exciting. I think I’ll let the pictures talk for themselves!

We also were lucky to see two wonderful ladies spin, and it was so fascinating, it actually made me want to try it! That might have to wait a little, though, as I have neither the money nor time to invest in spinning right now!

I hope that you are all having a beautiful weekend



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Street inspo and Christmas prep

I just can’t believe it is already Wednesday! 

I just realised that I forgot to post a very cool yarn bombing I came across this weekend.   

This one was my favourite, I didn’t take other pics because I just looked strange taking pictures in the street and also because my dear fiancé wouldn’t stop walking long enough for me to take good pics 😋

I am also happy to say that we have finished putting our tree together.   

I have even made a cross stitch ornament to customise our tree. 

And the one last thing, today is #WIPWednesday after all so there is my Tunisian crochet WIP, I’m making a dishcloth using bamboo and cotton yarn in simple Tunisian stitch.   
Hope your week has been productive so far and happy crafting!



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