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The week has been slipping away

Today I’m working from home on my computer and that’s great because the weather is really bad! I realised that it is already Thursday and I haven’t posted anything this week, how rude of me! I’ve been crazy busy with my PhD confirmation coming up, and preparing for my trip up the Great Barrier.

I got some great new containers to organise my threads for embroidery and cross stitching, $2.8 at Daiso (it’s a very cool Japanese shop, where most stuff costs $2.8!).


I also made huge progress on Gengar, he should be finished soon 🙂 I’m a bit worried about removing the grid, I hope the shirt turns out good.


And I finally got more yarn to continue my picnic throw, I’ve got 2 squares not (going for 4 total). Do you think I should add a border and if yes what kind of border would you suggest?




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Mystery Afghan CAL – week 4

I am almost half way through this CAL and I have already learnt so much. I have to admit I was a bit afraid at one point that I wouldn’t like the final design but I absolutely loved this week’s step! 

Without further waiting, here are my week 4 finished squares 

in week 4, the squares got significantly bigger


when all put together, it’s becoming a reasonable size

For this week, we had to work around our previous steps in colour A, while making sure to leave the long bits (colour D, in pale grey for me) at the front. The tutorial videos are actually very useful for this CAL, just to make a bit more sense of the pattern alone. My squares are currently blocking and waiting for the next step, so stay tuned 😉  

I hope you all had a productive week, full of beautiful creations 😊

😘 X



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Monday WIP updates

Happy Monday crafters! 

After a nice and relaxing weekend, I am starting the week with yet another update on my wips of the moment. 

My Veronica granny square is now going to be part of a picnic blanket for this summer. I will crochet 4 of those squares, attach them together and line the blanket with a waterproof-ish fabric. 

I am taking suggestions on the colour of the other squares (I want 2 blue and 2 of another colour) and also on the fabric, I have no idea what would make a good lining. 

I have also (finally) sanded and spray painted my volcano piece of terrain, now I just need to add some extra paint and some lava.   

I was thinking of using resin coloured in red/orange. Have you ever used coloured resin for modelling? Or maybe you have suggestions for a lava effect? 

I hope everyone had a good weekend!



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