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I can almost see the end!Β 

Happy Wednesday crafters!

Like I said last week, my LOTR graphghan is a major WIP that I really hope to finish this year. I’ve been getting back into it but my major issue has been finishing the center square. Why on earth did I think that bobbles was a good idea? I love the look of it obviously but it is taking me forever and it’s been quite hard on my wrist. But I’m almost there and then I can start Saruman πŸ™‚ 

To get some extra motivation, yesterday I decided to join the lovely people from the “Stitch and bitch Brisbane” and it was super great! Everyone was so nice, the projects looked amazing and I got that extra push to get that square finished (hopefully next week). If you’re interested, they are meeting up every Tuesday around 5-6 pm at the Fox hotel  on Melbourne street. 

Now, back to the bobbles!


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WIPs of 2017

Happy Wednesday!

Today, instead of showing you my most recent work in progress, I have decided to share all the WIPs I hope to finish in 2017.

First up, my crochet projects.



The first of those I’m aiming to finish is the LOTR blanket, I would like to submit it to the Brookfield show (it’s a local craft and art show taking place next to where I live, I participated last year and I’m excited to participate again).

And then, there are my cross stitch projects, mainly one actually.


Joyful world calendar from the Snowflower Diaries

I am also finishing the 2016 SALs (those of you who have been following me for a while might have noticed that I’m currently missing December). I should have this one finished by the end of the month.

And finally my knitting projects, I’ve actually been good and only have one knitting project on the go.



How about you guys? What projects are you aiming to finish this year?



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New WIP – baby blanket

Happy Wednesday!

One of my colleagues is having a baby in March and because we work in a lab she is going on maternity leave soon. I have decided to put my crocheting skills to good use, so I’m making a blanket for her little one. Because she doesn’t know the sex (it’s her first and she doesn’t want to know) I asked for colours she likes and she settled for green. 

The yarn is 100% acrylic and it’s super soft. I’ve chosen a ripple pattern and it’s growing pretty fast as I watch TV. Tomorrow is Australia Day so I’ll be doing more of that πŸ™‚ 


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Thumbelina, the return

Hi guys!

This is my first WIP Wednesday of the year and I have (finally) made progress on my Thumbelina pattern. There are 7 different costumes in total and I have completed the colours for 4 (almost 5) and made a start on the 6th one. 

When I’m finished with the colours I’ll still have a bit of back stitching to do before the design is completed (hopefully by the end of the month). 


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Pineapple doily WIP

I’m sure I don’t need to remind you but Christmas is fast coming! Which means I really need to get cranking on those presents! We got our secret santas last week and I know the person I got would enjoy a handcrafted gift, so I’ve started on a new project (I need excuses for those right? 😊). 

Recently I was gifted loads of crafty things from someone in my family in-law. There were so many cross stitch magazines and a few crochet books. 

I’ve decided to go with the iconic pineapple doily. 

That’s what it will hopefully look like when I’m finished πŸ™‚ 

And that’s where I’m at for now. I’ve calculated that if I do one round per day I should be done by Christmas!

Just a few other projects on the go but I should manage!

How is your Christmas craft coming along?




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WIP Wednesday – snowflake blanketΒ 

I know, I know, I should really finish this but I just wanted to show you the edging I was thinking of doing for this blanket. 

First off, I have finished all the hexagons and half hexagons I need. I really love the straight side edges and I’m so glad I went with it. 

Still in serious need of blocking but I’m getting there πŸ™‚ 

So I looked into my knitting and crochet bible (this book is just so great!) and I found an edging that I think will go great with the general feel of the blanket. 

What do you guys think? If you have other suggestions I’d be glad to hear them as well πŸ™‚

In the mean time, happy crocheting everyone!



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Prague table center WIP

Happy Wednesday crafters! 

I have made some good progress on my souvenir from Prague, a table center ready to stitch!

I have finished the roses and I have started on the darker green (stems and small leaves) 

My goal is to have it finished by next Monday (so by the end of the month), and then I can get on with other projects πŸ™‚ 



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Half hexagons pattern

Happy Wednesday readers!

I have finished all my full hexagons for my snowflake afghan so that’s a pretty big win! I also came up with a pattern for a half snowflake and thought I could share with you. 


Slip stitch – sl st

Chain – ch

Single stitch – sc 

Double stitch – dc

Popcorn stitch – 4 dc into the next ch space, remove hook from working loop and insert hook through top of first of the 4 dc, pick up working loop and draw loop through the top of first sc. 

Ch 6 – join with a sl st to the first chain to form a ring 

Ch 1 – sc 8 in the ring – turn 

Ch 5 – *dc in next sc, ch 2* repeat 6 more times – turn 

Sl st into the 2 ch gap – popcorn stitch in the next 2 ch gap (ch 3 as the first dc), ch3 – *popcorn stitch, ch 3* repeat 5 more times – turn

Ch 4 – *4 dc in the next 3ch gap, ch1* repeat 5 times – dc in the top of the last popcorn stitch – turn

Sl st into the 1 ch gap – ch 3, 2 dc into the same 1 ch gap – *ch 2, dc in the next 1 ch gap, ch 1, dc into the same 1 ch gap, ch 2, 3 dc in the next 1 ch gap, ch 3, 3dc in the same 1 ch gap* repeat once – ch 2, dc in the next 1 ch gap, ch 1, dc into the same 1 ch gap, ch 2, 3 dc in the next 1 ch gap

Fasten off
The last round sounds a bit complicated but it’s what makes the shape of the hexagon and you do get the hang of it pretty fast πŸ™‚ 

Hopefully I have all my blocks joined next week πŸ™‚ 


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Wolf and crow – projects update

Hello lovely readers! 

This week is no different from last week, I’m just so busy it’s insane! I did a little progress on my January cross stitch from the snowflower diaries, I stitched the crow and it’s very cute πŸ™‚ 

I’ve also found what to make for my goddaughter, I’m making her a little wolf amigurumi from Moon Sweet Collection (free pattern). Here it is so far. 

I also have the legs and tail but haven’t attached them yet. 

I hope you’re all having a smashing week πŸ˜‰ 



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Let’s get cosy, shall we?Β 

Happy Wednesday!

This week is a short one due to Easter and I’m extra glad about it! I may have set unrealistic goals for March (or I may have been a bit lazy this month ^^) but the fact is that I really need to get several of my crafting projects finished. I have done lots on my poke-alphabet already this week and I can’t wait to show you all I’ve done on Friday. 

I have made really good progresses on my teapot cosie though, and I will enter it at the Brookfield show in May. I’m pretty excited and pretty nervous as well as this will be my first craft show πŸ™‚ 

Without further ado, here it is!

crocheted some leaves that I attached to the cosie


some embroidered roses make for a nice bouquet


view from above, I still have a lot to do to cover the whole pot!


closer view of the pansies. And some extra leaves to add some green

I hope you guys like it and if you have suggestions for more flowers or if you know of a pattern you love, let me know πŸ™‚




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