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A bit of a life and craft update

Hello everyone, I know it’s been ages (almost 3 weeks in fact, as our next HQAL post is scheduled for tomorrow).

I just wanted to update you on a couple of other things I’ve been working on lately and on life in general, as it seems I have had no time to blog at all lately.

We have had a really really hot summer here in Melbourne, Australia, in fact it is currently over 40 celsius which means that my knitting and crochet have been quite slow working as I don’t feel like sitting under yarn. I have made a couple of amigurumi though when my little overlord lets me enjoy some free time.

I have finished sewing together Nate the Narwhal and I have designed a cute little love bug named Lara. I think I will publish a free pattern for my narwhal and a paid pattern for the bug. I have also decided that this year I will create a new website to display all my patterns together. They will be more accessible and I will also link all of them to my Ravelry store (where I put all the PDFs for sale). That way, I will keep this blog for more personal interactions and to show you all my crafty projects rather than to promote patterns.

On other crochet notes, I still didn’t finish my huge Lord of the Rings blanket last year but I have started the last square and I have started to join the blanket together.

With knitting, I have a no stress project on the go, it’s a very simple seed stitch blanket with 2 colours. I’m hoping to finish that before this winter to keep Clark warm in bed without fear of him suffocating. I’ve noticed he loved to pull blankets over his face and I get super worried, so at least with a knitted blanket there are holes for him to still breathe through.


I’ve also signed up with our local library and I have been reading and listening to audiobooks so much since, it’s been really great to have access to so many books for free and because the loans are for 3 weeks I actually read the books rather than procrastinating with them on my bedside table! This is probable the most I’ve read since I was a teen, I’ve already finished 12 books this year and we’re only just in March!

And finally I’m starting back work next week (in 2 days in fact, I start on Monday)! I can’t believe how fast time has gone, Clark is already 5.5 months and I got a job teaching at uni. I’m really looking forward to that and I hope that with Clark in daycare I will have more time to catch up on reading your lovely blogs and posting here too.

Here is the culprit for my lack of posting, you can probably tell it’s hard for me to even be mad at him for it when he is so cute!


Hope you all had a great start to your year ❤




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A bit of an update

Happy Thursday lovely readers!

I am so sorry I’ve gone missing again for a few weeks, I even missed the hand quilt along post last Sunday ☹️ The truth is I didn’t have much to show for (just some covered hexies) and I ended up also being super busy with Clark. Here there are though if you were interested!


I should have some progress for the next update though so I’m definitely not giving up!

In other news, Clark has been growing so so much! I can’t believe he is already past 2 moths old, time has just gone by so fast. We’ve already taken a couple of Christmas pictures with him too and he was just too cute in his first Christmas outfit.

And finally I have some exciting news! This year, despite being so busy with bub, I’ve decided to participate once again in Amigurumipatterns.net contest. This year the theme was Prehistoric Times and my entry was Archie the Archaeopteryx. I’m so proud that I actually finished him in time to enter and I’m looking forward to see how many votes I get compared to last year. Probably less, but I’m just so happy I entered at all.

Here is Archie! If you would like to see the other entries and maybe vote for Archie, clicking on the image below will bring you to the entries (bonus: you enter the draw to win some yarn!). There really are some amazing designs this year and I’m very excited to see who will end up winning!

I hope you have all been well!



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