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Organisation is key!

Is it just me, or the beginning of the year always makes you want to be more organised? 

With such a big year coming up (wedding to prepare, Europe trip, hopefully a few more papers published) I felt like I needed extra help to get organised. I came accross the bullet journal concept. I thought I should give it a try. I had this cool game of thrones journal that I thought would be great for the job.  
 I really love that I can set up long term monthly goals but also more precise and reachable daily goals. I’ve also made a colour calendar, with a few things I want to work on everyday (like not biting my nails or practicing my Italian) it’s so nice to be able to visualise goals and it’s very satisfactory to draw a little cross when I’ve reached a goal (as small as it may be).    

 I have also been (once again) trying to de clutter my drawers (I own too many clothes it’s just ridiculous). Because some were not even wearable (mostly holes) I thought that instead of throwing them away I would do something creative and so I turned them into tshit yarn. Only a few more to go!


That’s it for today!

Hope you’re all having a great week 🙂




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