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On Star Wars Day, crochet you should

Happy Friday!

In honour of Star Wars Day yesterday, I finally gave a go to the Star Wars Crochet kit I received for Christmas.


The kit comes with enough yarn to make Master Yoda and a stormtrooper, and I set out to make Yoda. I have to say that although the yarn was a bit splittey, it was the perfect colour and the pattern was great too. My Yoda turned out super cute!

His little coat is completely removable, and I think that he went very well with the Yoda shirt I wore for Star Wars Day. Maybe you can tell, but Master Yoda is actually my favourite Star Wars character 🙂

I really want to make all of the characters, but first, I have a blanket to finish!

Have a great weekend!




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Little wolf amigurumi

It is finished and has safely met his new owner! This pattern worked up very quickly and, although there were some mistakes on the pattern, it was easy to follow. I didn’t end up stuffing the front paws as I thought they looked better hanging down. 

I gave him bright blue eyes to contrast with the dark grey fur and to match my goddaughter’s eyes 🙂 

Have a good Wednesday!



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