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Snowflake Afghan – finished

It is finally done!

After a few years of putting it off, I have finally finished the snowflake afghan! I’ve named it like that because of its colours, it reminds me of cold and snow (not that we have much of that here in Brisbane). 

I love the straight edges, so thanks so much for everyone who suggested it 🙂 



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Snowflake blanket WIP

Hello lovely readers!

I have made some progress on my snowflake blanket, but I need your advice now. I am not sure what to do for the sides of it. My two options are to do half hexagons to have straight edges or to leave it as is.

I’m leaning towards making half circles at the moment but any opinion would be welcome 🙂

I currently have 6 rows and I am planning to add just another one, so hopefully it should be finished soon (by the end of the month?). The finished blanket will be perfect size for a baby or as a lapghan.

That’s it for me today! Until next time 🙂




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