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Meet Eddy the Elephant

Eddy the elephant is finished, now I just need to wrap him up into a lovely box and he will be ready to go to his new home! 

Eddy will soon be in his new home!

 The pattern I used is from the awesome website AmigurumiToGo, go check it out, there are heaps of adorable amigurumi patterns for free on it. Also, I got some resin last week to finish my volcano (going to do the lava with resin). I wanted to get a feel of the resin (epoxy) before doing the lava though, so I made some resin charms using a cicada and shells I picked up. I think it turned out pretty well for a first, I’ll probably attach little metal rings at the back to make pendants out of them.   

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

😘 X


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Mystery Afghan CAL – week 5

Hello awesome people and happy Friday! 

I am finally at yes half way point for this CAL, and this week’s step was very easy which is good because I really needed to get started with some birthday gifts. 

The step was to add a centre piece on each of the squares. 


Pretty groovy right? 😊

I’ve also finished the little cactus for my friend 🌵 (I just added a pink flower on top) and got started with a pink elephant amigurumi 🐘 for another birthday in September (in 2 weeks actually). 

 I hope you guys had a wonderful week! 



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