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November wrap up

Happy Saturday everyone!

I hope you all had a great week, it has been busy as ever here! I have actually been taking a small break from blogging with my best friend still being here, as I wanted to make the most of my time with her. This means that I will have to catch up on all your amazing blogs in the next few weeks, which I’m really looking forward to!

So, what did I manage to get done in November? For starters, I managed to put together a little parcel for my stitching santa, organised by Sheila of Sewchet. I really hope that my swap partner loves it as much as I do! I posted a picture on Instagram a couple of weeks ago but here it is again if you have missed it 😊


I have also received my own swap parcel, and it’s been patiently sitting under my Christmas tree! I just can’t wait for Christmas now!

This month, I have also barely escaped from trolls, made friend’s with Azog the defiler and visited the Shire on an amazing trip to New Zealand!

I did decide to join the NaNo WriMo as well for the first time, and I have to say that it was all great before New Zealand, but I did find it hard to write once there. So in the end, I was quite far from my goal, with almost 15,000 words written this year. I’m still pretty proud to have done it, and I think I will continue to use the site to track my writing, as the hardest thing is to just keep at it. I do also have plenty of plot ideas, so I will definitely keep on writing on this project.


This month, craft-wise, I have mostly done crochet, and I have finished two shawls, the Liula from Potter & Bloom and the Swaye from Addydae Designs. I have also made a lovey for a new baby girl in the family and I have designed Sandy the sea dragon for the amigurumipatterns.net design contest (voting opens tomorrow, 3rd of December, I will share some more in another post).

I am also super pleased to have joined the Hand Quilt along this month, and I have made some progress on my EPP! I have decided that this will be a baby quilt size, and that I might actually also hand quilt it.

And last but not least, this month saw another very successful Fantastic Bake-Along, themed around the apple! Yum! I decided to make an upside down pie, called a Tarte Tatin in France.


I hope you all had an amazing month and that you are ready for Christmas!! 🎄🎁screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-9-29-20-pm


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October goals review and November goals

Hi peeps!

I didn’t get time to post yesterday, my day at work was pretty full on and I forgot when I got home 🙂

It is this time of the month again when new goals should be set!

Those were October goals, I crossed the ones that are finished and I don’t think I’ll add too many new ones considering I want to finish the ones I already have!


Finish my CAL (should be done in 2 weeks – posts on Friday). Finished! Hooray! Pics here.

Find another WIP to post every Friday when the CAL is completed (already have a few ideas!). Poké-alphabet with Friday updates

•  Post regular updates of my Edx programming course (Mondays). I abandoned that, I did not get time to do more with work but I have until March so I might get back to it.

• Craft Christmas presents and cute decorations for our first Christmas in our house (we went to my parents’ last year). Not started but definitely on the list for this month!

• Continue the Poké-alphabet updates on Friday.

• Post #WIPWednesdays on Wednesdays.


• Prepare my itinerary for Europe next July. Flights are booked, honey moon cruise is booked, itinerary is almost planned, I only need to book hotels now!

• Finish preparations for my wedding next year. Everything is ready for France, I have my dress, the venue, the food planned, but we still need to get a DJ and send the invites. 

• Go to the gym at least twice a week (my aqua gym classes have been cancelled, so I need to find something else I like to do). I have been, it was hard to get motivated but I have started to run a little and do weights. I haven’t found anything as good as aqua gym that I can go to, but my new challenge is to walk/run 1km under 6 minutes.


• Finish writing my second paper for my PhD. Done the intro and methods, I just started on my results but still waiting for some experiments to finish, so I’d say I’m on track.

• Keep my LinkedIn and ResearchGate profiles up to date. Done that as well, but obviously it’s a long run goal 🙂

What are your goals for this month of November?

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