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3D card, tea dye and online studying

Happy Wednesday you lovely bunch!

The beginning of the week has been busy to say the least! I’ve signed up for a new course on edX: Mobile Application Experiences Part 1: From a Domain to an App Idea

I’m not doing a certificate because I’m not sure I’ll actually finish all the assignments but I’m very interested in learning how to build an app and what the whole process is. Our first assignment is to do a demographic study about a particular mobile aspect we are interested in. I decided to go with photos because I take a lot of pics for blogging and I’m interested in knowing how/why people use their phones to take pictures (if you’re interested in participating, online poll link is here).

Over last weekend I decided it was time for another try at dyeing fabric. I followed Maia’s advice for a nice brown and used some tea.


I really love how it turned out. I was very unsuccessful in getting a pink colour from raspberries and cherries though so I’ll need some more experimenting!

I also followed Vicky’s DIY idea of making a 3D birthday card, but instead of balloons, I decided to fold a few origami butterflies and to glue them on my card.


I just LOVE it! and the person receiving the card also did! I think it’s really much nicer than just buying an impersonal card and it’s also much much cheaper (cards were 6 for $2.50 from Choice and origami paper was $2.80 for 30-ish sheets from Daiso). Needless to say I’ll be making more of those in the following months!


Hope you guys had a great start to you week




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Wednesday macramé 

Hello lovely readers!

So for my birthday, back in September, I got a succulent and I’m afraid I haven’t been the best at taking care of it. I think I almost drowned it a few times because I kept it inside and overwatered it. Today, I decided to finally do something about it and to put my succulent outside. But I couldn’t just put the pretty glass pot it’s in on the flood, could I? 

Quick, I needed YouTube!

And I found it! A tutorial on how to make macramé.    

I hope my little succulent will be happier now! 

On another note, do you remember when I was telling you about dying my own fabric for cross stitching?

Well I’ve done it. I tried a few things from my kitchen, and let me tell you broccoli (for green) and cloves (for brown) do not work at all. Tumeric on the other hand worked great and I now have a piece of bright yellow fabric to cross stitch my full Thumbelina design on 😊 
 Have you tried dying fabric and what did you use for your colours? I’d love to do some more dying for different projects and I’m always looking for advice!




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