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Pink pink and more pink

Happy Wednesday readers 🙂

I think I have mentioned this before but my fiancé has a huge family, which means a lot of birthdays! 

I’ve been trying to gift handmade as often as possible as I think that people in general appreciate the time and effort put into the gift. This time is no exception!

The next person having her birthday absolutely adores pink. Like she has 3 or 4 Pinterest boards with pink things on them. Most of her wardrobe is pink, her car is pink, her handbags are pink, and I’m sure that if she could she would even have pink hair. Obviously, I have to gift her something pink. 

Remember this pink cowl? 

I gifted it to her already as an early present. And to go with it, I got the perfect idea. Combining her love for pink with her love for… Wine! 






She will now have her very own pink wine glasses. The first one only has pink on it and reads “Pink Queen”. The second reads “La vie en rose” which means “life in pink” in French and also has some pink flowers and green stems. 

I’m hoping she loves them, because, although I don’t like pink, I really liked how they turned out! 

Have you also given handmade gifts before? Did people appreciate as much as you hoped?


Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 2.31.28 PM


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