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Holidays bliss and Christmas madness

Hello bloggers!

How good it feels to be on holidays! I had a blast last week doing nothing (or not much anyway) before this crazy weekend of Christmas celebrations.

My fiancé and I spent a few day at the Twin Waters Novotel resort and it was just great to only be the two of us relaxing. The resort was pretty amazing, with access to canoes and catamarans for free and a private salt lake.

There was even a floating obstacle course on the lake! Of course, we had to try that, and it was pretty good (although I just couldn’t move my arms after 20 minutes of climbing, jumping and swimming around).

I also got to try the new Ben & Jerry’s Core ice cream and it was so yummy. There is chocolate fudge inside the ice cream, ALL THE WAY THROUGH! And of course, I also took my fav hook and some yarn to work on some hexagons for my winter afghan, which is getting along pretty good.

On the last day, we were having a walk around the lake and we met this guy. I was glad it was the last day, not sure I would have been too keen swimming in the lake with him around (it’s a grouper, and even if they are normally non aggressive, they have very big mouths and pretty huge teeth!).


Excuse the bad photo, it was taken with my phone from the surface.

We also visited Underwater World in Mooloolaba (it was my first time) and the marine biologist in me was squealing with excitement!

And for a perfect end to a perfect week, we had 3 Christmas celebrations (Christmas eve, Christmas day and Boxing day) and I even got some craft related presents! I could not wait so I’ve already made a pigmy octopus from the 75 fish, shells, coral and marine creatures crochet book I received and she has joined my marine diorama.

I hope you guys all had an amazing Christmas and that you are ready for the new year!




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Off to the beach!


Happy Christmas a bit early!

We are leaving on mini holidays, so I probably won’t post much until Christmas!

I hope you all have a great time with loved ones and, as promised, the patterns for bulbasaur plushy are attached! 🙂

Lots of love


Bulbasaur1 Bulbasaur2


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