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I got accepted to Hogwarts!Β 

I really wish! I’m a little obsessed with Harry Potter (I may or may not have read book 4 over 20 times) and my Halloween costumes are coming along nicely. I have almost finished my robes and I need to add the coloured fabric to my fiancΓ©’s one. 

This is my first big sewing project and I feel like I’ve already made so much progress. I had to re-adjust my sleeves because the shoulders were too low but I’m happy with how it turned out. 


Excuse my tired face, it’s been a long day 😁

I’ve also started yet another amigurumi project. I am making a doll that I can crochet cool clothes for. I’m thinking of gifting it to one of my little cousin and hope she will have heaps of fun with it.   


so far, I have the head and the top part of the body

This hopefully will also help me de-stash. 

That’s it for my Wednesday WIP update! Until next time 😎

😘 X



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