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February SAL with Helene

Hello readers!

I just realised that I forgot to post yesterday evening! Whoops 😬 

February is over and so far I’m managing to keep up with the SAL from Hélène et Mahélia

Here is my February month, those little foxes are just too cute!

And I’ve also made a little ornament to go with my owl one. I will be crocheting a link to put all this year’s ornaments on and make a bunting with all those cute little forest critters 🙂

Until next time!


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Snowflower diaries calendar 

Hello readers!

I’ve made some decent progress with my snowflower diaries calendar. Last time I had just finished the crow for January. 


Since, I’ve added the fox (he is super cute) and I’ve started the writing for February. I think I’ll continue with the brown for a bit, trying to get as much border and writing as I can before doing the fun part: the cute designs. 


My plan is to have 3 wide by 4 high, so that everything fits into my aida 🙂 

With love,

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