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S’more cross stitch

I might have slightly missed Friday’s post 😁 I got very excited because I finished all my Christmas cards and all my bookmarks and I forgot to post before going to bed. 

Oh well! 

So here is my “petit prince” finished 😊 I’m sure my mum will love it, this book is one of her all time favourites and it’s not hard to understand why!

From now on I will also be following the lovely Hélène’s mystery SALs. 

I’ve already started the Christmas one, and I was a bit late so I’m allowed to post the first step already.   

From next year onwards, a small fee will be asked to join the SAL (10€ for 24 grids) but if you ask me it’s well worth it. Hélène’s designs are just amazing. The theme for next year is stained glass windows and I can’t wait! 

This weekend will be very busy, it’s my other half’s birthday on Monday and we have a weekend of fun planned (another birthday party tonight, restaurant and games day tomorrow). I doubt I’ll get too much craft done but hopefully I’ll have some party pics to show you on Monday!

Have a great weekend 



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December is here!

Hello beautiful people!

I can’t believe it is already December, where did time go?

I have a few WIPs to show you today and because this is a new month it is also time to review my goals list!

• Craft Christmas presents and cute decorations for our first Christmas in our house. So far, I have made 1 tree ornament and designed a snowflake pattern that you can use as christmas coasters or just hang in the tree. I’ve also almost finished all my presents for my family, and they will be posted by the end of the week with customised cards.

• Continue the Poké-alphabet updates on Friday. I have been falling behind a little bit with this one but I’m sure I can catch up once Christmas is over

• Post #WIPWednesdays on Wednesdays. Definitely been happening!


• Book hotels for Europe next year. Still not done, I should really take care of that this month

• Send invites and get a DJ for the wedding. The invites are ready to be sent by the end of the month, I’m still chasing up a few addresses. No idea for the DJ though, even if we have been thinking about songs 🙂

Find another class I like at my gym. Found it! I now go to BodyBalance, it’s a mix of yoga, pilates and tai chi, pretty cool.

• Run 1k under 6 min. Didn’t happen this month but I have made progresses, I’ve reduced my time to almost under 7 (7:08 to be exact, I started at 7:48).


• Finish writing my second paper for my PhD. Still waiting on some experiments, but I’ve been working on some figures and they look pretty good so far.

• Keep my LinkedIn and ResearchGate profiles up to date. Still going good for this month!

So you’ve seen one of my WIPs (the cross stitch Little Prince). My second one is a crochet diorama. Not sure I’ve mentioned this yet, but I’m a marine biologist, so I’m making an underwater scenery.

I found the lobster pattern here, but the lobster only had 8 legs in the pattern (6 legs plus claws) and I couldn’t deal with it (lobsters are decapods, which means they have 10 legs). So I just added 2 more legs to it! All the rest was done ‘freestyle’. I’ve been trying to experiment more without pattern lately and it’s been a good experience.

I’m hoping to add a few jellyfish and maybe some sea stars.

Christmas is almost there! yay!

Hope you all have a lovely month of December 😉




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Poké-alphabet week 7

I’ve been so slow with this project lately, I might just put it on hold until Christmas. I have decided to cross stitch lots of bookmarks for my family because they are small and they will fit in the cards I’m sending over, so I’m probably going to be busy with that over the next few weeks. 

I’ve also been making my own cards, so far I’ve used cool paper cutters and glitters. Hopefully I finish then over the weekend, with some pics for you on Monday  🙂

Anyways, here is F for Fennekin all in colours and also Gengar (but just the outline) 

This weekend we are going to Supanova (pretty much the Aussie comic con) and I’ll try to remember to take pics of all the amazing costumes. 

Have a great weekend guys!



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Poké-alphabet week 6

Quick post before going to bed. I have finished stitching Espeon and I’m getting there with Fennekin.  

This week I also bought some black fleece (it was very cheap so I had to right?) so I am making my very first plush 😋

I found the pattern here

 That’s it so far, it looks like it will be super cute!!  
Hope you all had a great week!



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Street inspo and Christmas prep

I just can’t believe it is already Wednesday! 

I just realised that I forgot to post a very cool yarn bombing I came across this weekend.   

This one was my favourite, I didn’t take other pics because I just looked strange taking pictures in the street and also because my dear fiancé wouldn’t stop walking long enough for me to take good pics 😋

I am also happy to say that we have finished putting our tree together.   

I have even made a cross stitch ornament to customise our tree. 

And the one last thing, today is #WIPWednesday after all so there is my Tunisian crochet WIP, I’m making a dishcloth using bamboo and cotton yarn in simple Tunisian stitch.   
Hope your week has been productive so far and happy crafting!



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Poké-alphabet week 4

I have caught up with the colours in my cross stitch 🙂

So here we have Charmander and Dratini in colour. IMG_2964 IMG_2965

All of the finished pokémon so far


I also needed stitch markers so I made some out of polymer clay, and I converted my little polymer fruits to stitch markers as well.


New pikachu stitch marker


Heart stitch marker


Little heart in action!


Waiting patiently their turn to be involved in my projects 🙂

Have a great weekend guys!



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Frame and new project 


Already the middle of the week, and I’ve been pretty busy!

Here is my deer all framed! 

I forgot to post about my MOOC on Monday, so here it is! We are still on pattern recognition and reproduction, so I made this in only 9-10 lines of code! Yay!   Also I have found a project to replace the CAL finishing on Friday 😊 I will be stitching a Pokemon alphabet. I’ve been looking for Pokemon I really like and putting a pattern together.

First Pokemon will be up on Friday so stay tuned!

😘 X


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Old and new 

Happy Monday!

I had a very good weekend with our friends coming over on Saturday to play board games and some spring cleaning and craft time on Sunday. 

While tidying up the living room (aka my craft area) I realised that the embroidery box my nana gave me when I was a kid started falling apart. 

All the leather casings meant to hold scissors, needles, etc. fell off. So I thought I could rip out the top of the box and make it new, using the old leather casings to keep it vintage.   

Not pretty! I used a cereals box to have a hard base and sew some fabric on top before sewing the leather back in place. Not finished yet but this is it so far. 

What do you think?

 I need to remove the rust from some of the other tools as well but I’ll take care of that later. 

I have also finished my half cross stitch this weekend, now I just need to find a frame for it!

I have also found a project to do from next week onwards (to replace my CAL), this time it will be a SAL with weekly updates on Fridays. More info on that in the coming days! 

Have a lovely week everyone and craft on! 

😘 X



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Present underway! 

Hello lovelies!

It is almost October already, which means another birthday! This one is for my friend who’s fan of Pokemon. So I’m making her a cross stitch pendant of her fav Pokemon!  

So first I looked for a good pattern on Pinterest and I found one that was small enough to put on a necklace. 

Then I had to find an actual ring on which to put my canvas. I was looking for one of those tiny wooden canvas holders but I was out of luck and only found metal rings. So I ended up just sawing my piece of canvas on the ring with white thread. I’m surprised how well it worked!


I really like the look of it, so now I might have to do a few for myself! Maybe I’ll go for Ghasly, to go with my Gengar shirt. 

Do you have a signature birthday present that you like to make for you friends and family?

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New shirt is finished!

That’s it! Gengar is finished and k dissolved the canvas. I was slightly worried about it but it just worked perfect and now I have an awesome shirt that no one else can have 😁  

Meet Gengar!

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

😘 X


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