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Crochet earrings

Hello lovely readers!

Today I want to share with you a really quick project that would make a great Christmas present. 

For that, I used some wire, earring hooks and cotton thread. So far I have made 2 different kinds, one with a small ring and the crochet part on the outside and one with a bigger ring and the crochet part on the inside. 

I winged the blue ones but the pattern for the purple ones is as follow. 
Make 2


Sc – single crochet

Sl st – slip stitch

Ch – chain
Work in the round 

Sc 25 in the metal ring 

Sl st 7, *ch 5, sl st in the 3rd stitch* repeat 3 more times, sl st 6 

Sl st 7, *in the 5 ch gap, sc 3, ch 3, sc 3* repeat 3 more times, sl st 7 

Cast off 

I can see a lot more of those in the near future as handmade presents for Christmas 🙂 

Do you have quick projects for Christmas? 



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