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Birthday shenanigans 

Happy Wednesday! 

Today is a bit of a special Wednesday as it’s also my birthday!! I got so spoilt by my friends and family, and I’m currently in a bit of a food coma, as my husband treated me to laksa 🙂 yum!

I just wanted to share with you some crafty goodies I recently received. 


Yep, that’s a lot of threads! Most of them are DMC as well, which is so nice and they all came sorted in those 4 boxes. I did a bit of rearranging and also bought a fifth box to finish fitting all the extra threads. There are still 2 small food containers filled with threads, plus my own ‘collection’ that I need to add. I also got 2 huge crates filled with cross stitch and crochet books/magazines. 

I started to make this cute platypus Christmas ornament from one of the magazines I found in there. 

I also got gifted not one, but two books to knit socks from my husband and I can’t wait to make a start on those!

And finally I got some lovely flowers 💐

Aren’t birthdays just the best?



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Pink pink and more pink

Happy Wednesday readers 🙂

I think I have mentioned this before but my fiancé has a huge family, which means a lot of birthdays! 

I’ve been trying to gift handmade as often as possible as I think that people in general appreciate the time and effort put into the gift. This time is no exception!

The next person having her birthday absolutely adores pink. Like she has 3 or 4 Pinterest boards with pink things on them. Most of her wardrobe is pink, her car is pink, her handbags are pink, and I’m sure that if she could she would even have pink hair. Obviously, I have to gift her something pink. 

Remember this pink cowl? 

I gifted it to her already as an early present. And to go with it, I got the perfect idea. Combining her love for pink with her love for… Wine! 






She will now have her very own pink wine glasses. The first one only has pink on it and reads “Pink Queen”. The second reads “La vie en rose” which means “life in pink” in French and also has some pink flowers and green stems. 

I’m hoping she loves them, because, although I don’t like pink, I really liked how they turned out! 

Have you also given handmade gifts before? Did people appreciate as much as you hoped?


Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 2.31.28 PM


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3D card, tea dye and online studying

Happy Wednesday you lovely bunch!

The beginning of the week has been busy to say the least! I’ve signed up for a new course on edX: Mobile Application Experiences Part 1: From a Domain to an App Idea

I’m not doing a certificate because I’m not sure I’ll actually finish all the assignments but I’m very interested in learning how to build an app and what the whole process is. Our first assignment is to do a demographic study about a particular mobile aspect we are interested in. I decided to go with photos because I take a lot of pics for blogging and I’m interested in knowing how/why people use their phones to take pictures (if you’re interested in participating, online poll link is here).

Over last weekend I decided it was time for another try at dyeing fabric. I followed Maia’s advice for a nice brown and used some tea.


I really love how it turned out. I was very unsuccessful in getting a pink colour from raspberries and cherries though so I’ll need some more experimenting!

I also followed Vicky’s DIY idea of making a 3D birthday card, but instead of balloons, I decided to fold a few origami butterflies and to glue them on my card.


I just LOVE it! and the person receiving the card also did! I think it’s really much nicer than just buying an impersonal card and it’s also much much cheaper (cards were 6 for $2.50 from Choice and origami paper was $2.80 for 30-ish sheets from Daiso). Needless to say I’ll be making more of those in the following months!


Hope you guys had a great start to you week




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Present underway! 

Hello lovelies!

It is almost October already, which means another birthday! This one is for my friend who’s fan of Pokemon. So I’m making her a cross stitch pendant of her fav Pokemon!  

So first I looked for a good pattern on Pinterest and I found one that was small enough to put on a necklace. 

Then I had to find an actual ring on which to put my canvas. I was looking for one of those tiny wooden canvas holders but I was out of luck and only found metal rings. So I ended up just sawing my piece of canvas on the ring with white thread. I’m surprised how well it worked!


I really like the look of it, so now I might have to do a few for myself! Maybe I’ll go for Ghasly, to go with my Gengar shirt. 

Do you have a signature birthday present that you like to make for you friends and family?

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Birthday and crafts!

Yay today is my birthday! We had a bit of a celebration yesterday is was so nice to meet up with my friends and in laws and have a relaxing time! I made a cake for the occasion, it was so simple but very yummy!


I also got an amazing birthday present from my loving half: a sewing machine! 
I just couldn’t wait to try it and I found a very easy beginner pattern on mathastewart.com for a pin cushion, so here it is!

tomato shaped pin cushion – cute and useful!

You guys have a wonderful week!

😘 X



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