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May SAL with Helene

Happy Wednesday!

I know, it’s the end of June, but I’ve only just finished my May mystery stitch along from Hélène et Mahélia. I think that I’ve been so cold when I was down in Melbourne that I haven’t been motivated to cross stitch much but I really want to get back to it, because I just really love this year’s designs 😊

May was birds again, and just look at them, they are adorable!

I still need to finish off the April one and obviously do this one as well, I might get them done over the weekend.

In other random news, today was Dobby the house elf’s birthday apparently, and so I wore two different socks (mostly cause I couldn’t find my second grey sock from the washing 😂). I thought some of you who are as obsessed with Harry Potter as me might enjoy the gesture 😁




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March SAL 2016 

Hello everyone! With March almost over, it is time for me to share the final steps of the March SAL from Helene. This is the first month I’ve actually guessed almost straight away what the final would be! Yay me!

And when I went to the craft fair the other week I found a pretty fabric that I think will go with this design perfectly. 

 I wish you all a great end to March and I’ll see you in April! 



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