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FO Friday (slightly late) – Bibs

Hello everyone and happy weekend!

I was meant to post this yesterday evening but I got home from work and was completely knackered so I couldn’t be bothered. I do think it is time to share though!

You may have noticed that I’ve been pretty inconsistent over the past few months in my posting and I’m my following of your blogs. I’ve been busy, true, but that’s not entirely all there is to it. I’m super excited to annonce to you that I’m pregnant with my fist baby! I’m now four months in, and starting to regain some more energy, so I think I will be crafting more and posting back on my regular schedule.

Of course, as soon as I found out I knew I had to make something straight away. I turned to Pinterest as I often do and found a very good tutorial to make bibs. I’ve already got warned by my family and my in laws that babies drool… a lot! And that you need long bibs so this pattern was perfect. I’ve set out to make plenty of bibs in cute fabrics (I’ve bought a few different patterns with animals on them). I don’t know the gender yet so I’ve just been getting gender neutral ones so far. I also had some stashed fabric in pink that I’ve used and I figured that it wouldn’t really matter even if it was a boy, because they’ll spend most time in the washing anyway, right?

Anyway, after much rambling, here is my first bib!

On one side the fabric is plain cotton and on the other it’s flannelette. I’ve heard they are great materials for baby items as they are soft and washable. I’ve already cut a few more and assembled a couple as well already but I forgot to take pictures before I left home so that will have to wait. I am just so excited and can not wait for baby to be here. Have an amazing weekend!



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