Clark’s quilt is finally done!

Hello everyone!

I am so happy to report that after years (!) of work on it, Clark’s quilt is finally finished! Well, to be fair it has been finished since July but I never seemed to find the time to post about it. I’ve really loved working on it, it was very slow as I’ve hand stitched pretty much the whole thing (except for the back of the binding). The best thing about this quilt is all the memories it holds. It has travelled all the way down from brisbane with us when we moved to Melbourne. It also has some fabrics in it that have come from Belfast when I went there for a conference, some fabrics that were gifted to me, and the back fleece that my mum bought when I was pregnant with Clark.

It fits perfectly on Clark’s bed! Win!

The best part is that Clark actually loves it, he has been carrying it around the house on some occasions and really likes cuddling up under it.

I have a new quilt idea already, this new one will also be very special but I’ll make a separate post to share my planning and progress with you 😊

I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey that this quilt has been on, and I’m so happy to be back blogging!

My attempt at a lifestyle shot 😅


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15 responses to “Clark’s quilt is finally done!

  1. claire93

    I can remember seeing this quilt grow ^^
    So pleased you got it finished and that’s keeping Clark snuggly warm!

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  2. Lovely to see it actually being used. I don’t think there are enough photos out there showing quilts being loved and appreciated by their new owners! I find that a much more satisfying lifestyle shot 😉

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    • I agree, it’s actually super lovely to see him use and love it. That shot was taken when he woke up one night around 10pm and took his blanket with him for a cuddle before we put him back to bed. It was so sweet 🥰

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  3. Hurrah!!! Clark looks adorable all snuggled up with his mom! A new quilt sounds pretty exciting, would you like to come back to the HQAL?

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  4. Deb

    It’s a wonderful piece of work! So glad you shared it. My how that little fella has grown.😊

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  5. I recall the beginnings of this quilt, and thought it would be beautiful! Confirmed! But the most beautiful thing of all is your adorable child. Two beautiful works of art!

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  6. How very sweet! I know I still feel all warm inside when I see my 20 year old son using is crochet Snuggie I made him when he was 10. Such a wonderful quilt made even more so because he loves it. 🥰

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    • I can’t even imagine Clark being 20 but I’m
      sure it will happen faster than anticipated 😭 it’s so lovely when you know that the people you craft for really appreciate it

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  7. What a beautiful quilt. Destined to become a family heirloom I help. All those stories you will be able to tell Clark about where each piece of fabric came from ☺

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