New website!

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since I last wrote directly on this blog, a lot of things have been happening in the background. I have still been crafting a lot but I have decided to take my crochet patterns to the next level by starting a business! I’m super excited and a little scared about this new venture (but mostly excited!).

A few of my designs 🥰

I will try to keep on posting here, especially about my sewing (I have some exciting updates with my hand quilt and Clark’s quiet book) but if you’d like to read more about my crochet updates, I now have a brand new website where I’ll be sharing new patterns, free patterns from other designers as well as exciting events/contests/giveaways happening around the web (mostly on Instagram and Ravelry).

I hope to see you over, and I’m looking forward to sharing about sewing here again!



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11 responses to “New website!

  1. Exciting news! Good luck! I love the images of your creations – how do you get the fab different colour backgrounds?

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    • Thank you 🥰 it’s actually a super neat trick I learnt in the last few years, I bought some big pieces of coloured thick paper and a wire frame from the dollar shop. Then I clip the paper onto the frame and I take pictures in natural light ☺️ I might do a blog about it if you’re interested!

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  2. So clever! I’d love a post on that!! 😊

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  3. Deb

    I wished you the best! Excited to see that quilt!

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  4. How exciting! I hope you don’t mind if I don’t follow the new site too, as I don’t crochet…

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    • That’s totally fair! I’m obviously not expecting most of my followers from here to go over, as I think my blog was a lot about hand stitching and sewing 😊 that’s also why I wanted a space just for my crochet 🧶

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  5. Good luck with your new venture. Look forward to seeiing the quilt if Clark will let you have it for a photo shoot.

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  6. Congratulations and good luck with the new endeavor, Emma!

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    • Thank you Kathy! All a bit nerve wracking but also super exciting 😊 one of the best things so far has been to upload free PDFs directly on the site, it’s very satisfying!

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