Big crochet update!

Hello everyone!

It feels so strange to be sitting at my computer and to finally open a new blog post that isn’t a hand quilt along update (!!). In the last year, with the birth of baby Clark, my life kind of has been turned upside down and I have suddenly found myself with no energy or will to blog. I also stopped crocheting for a while, which is very strange because crochet has been my favourite fibre art media for years now (in fact, since I learnt how to in 2011). I haven’t blogged anything about my crochet since March (where did time go?) but in the last couple of months I’ve actually been back at it full force and I am very excited to share with you what I have been up to!

  1. I have started designing again and I have made quite a few new little critters!

    From left to right, top row: Lara the love bug, Nate the narwhal, Daisy the duckling
    From left to right, bottom row: Little fish, scientist set, Unnamed caterpillar

  2. The patterns for Lara and Nate have been released! You can find Lara on my Ravelry store and Nate for free (which leads me to point number 3!)
  3. I have a new website where I am posting only my free patterns and links to my Ravelry patterns. I really wanted a space where I could have all my patterns in one place and I’m so happy with how it turned out!
  4. I have participated in a very cute crochet along organised by LexInStitches (Alexa Templeton). The pattern is super cool and it is available here! Here is my finished puppy.
  5. If you have been following me for a while, you will know about my lord of the rings blanket (the blanket of shame I have been ‘working’ on for 4 years!). Well I have started the last square, and I have started joining it! Hooray!

That’s it for now, I think I will be back next week with some knitting update! I hope you have all been great and I will aim to catch up on some blog reading this week 🤞🏼




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25 responses to “Big crochet update!

  1. You’ve definitely hit the ground running! Just think of the happy feeling when that blanket is finally finished 😀

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  2. Emma, no surprise that you had a break from blogging when Clark arrived. I remember those days (there was 20 months between the two girls). Working full time with babies is like running a never ending marathon! Glad you are back to wanting to craft and blog again. Clark has a great batch of toys to play with!

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  3. claire93

    good to see you are feeling the energy to blog again lol.

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  4. Glad to have you back blogging, I’m sure baby Clark has kept you busy, and he has a lot of cuddly toys to play with. I like the duck it has my name on it (Daisy) just saying! and the dog is super cute.

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    • Yes! I think I got inspired by your letters (and of course it’s a bird too, which I know you love!) I totally need to write back to you, I’m sorry it took me so long but the start of semester has taken me by surprise. 😘❤️


  5. AJ

    Awww they’re all so cute!

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  6. Deb

    Your a good mum,you did what was most important!🥰 love that puppy,he’s are charmer.

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  7. Jocelyn Thurston

    Wow, Emma you have a lot on your hands what with motherhood and all. Very cute designs and so happy you are back to your lovely crocheting. I have a crochet project too miniature granny squares to make a scarf a la Sophie Digard. Goodness knows when I will have enough! Meanwhile, enjoy these days with little Clark.

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    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment 🙂 I love making granny squares but they do take so long to make! I am sure it will be so lovely when it’s finished though x


  8. Edi

    Your projects are adorable!!

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  9. dezertsuz

    Lots of fun little animals coming out of your hooks – I look forward to seeing your blanket of shame – ha, no shame in only four years!

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  10. I really like that dog 😍🐶

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    • It is super cute isn’t it? 🙂 I love Alexa’s designs (she is the one who designed this cutie). I think I will make her little penguin next, it’s so adorable!

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  11. billiejosh

    Love to learn how to make things like this for my grandbabies..

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