A bit of an update

Happy Thursday lovely readers!

I am so sorry I’ve gone missing again for a few weeks, I even missed the hand quilt along post last Sunday ☹️ The truth is I didn’t have much to show for (just some covered hexies) and I ended up also being super busy with Clark. Here there are though if you were interested!


I should have some progress for the next update though so I’m definitely not giving up!

In other news, Clark has been growing so so much! I can’t believe he is already past 2 moths old, time has just gone by so fast. We’ve already taken a couple of Christmas pictures with him too and he was just too cute in his first Christmas outfit.

And finally I have some exciting news! This year, despite being so busy with bub, I’ve decided to participate once again in Amigurumipatterns.net contest. This year the theme was Prehistoric Times and my entry was Archie the Archaeopteryx. I’m so proud that I actually finished him in time to enter and I’m looking forward to see how many votes I get compared to last year. Probably less, but I’m just so happy I entered at all.

Here is Archie! If you would like to see the other entries and maybe vote for Archie, clicking on the image below will bring you to the entries (bonus: you enter the draw to win some yarn!). There really are some amazing designs this year and I’m very excited to see who will end up winning!

I hope you have all been well!




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14 responses to “A bit of an update

  1. Hello, Clark is super cute, and look how he is growing. Love the Christmas outfit, it is going to be so much fun!!
    Well done with Archie, I voted too. 🙂
    Have an awesome week and enjoy.

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    • Thank you so much Joey! I’m so enjoying spending time with Clark, he is the cutest 😍 I can’t wait for Christmas, it’s already one of my favourite parts of the year but it’s going to be so much more special this year! Have a great week too 😘

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  2. He’s got so big!! And possibly even cuter 😉
    good luck with the amigurumi competition, I’m off to vote now

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    • Thank you Hannah, I totally feel like he is getting cuter as the days pass, and he is just so sweet, starting to hold onto me when I carry him and smiling when he sees hubby and I 😍 he just melts my heart


  3. Deb

    Clark is growing quickly,and a real cutie ! Love his little shirt for Christmas. Archie is cute also ,wow and you got him done in time for the contest! 👏😀

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  4. Oh my gosh! Clark is ADORABLE!! I bet he is going to love playing with all of your cute arigurumi creations in not too long at all❤️❤️

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    • Thanks Tracy ❤️ I think he will but he has a restricted number he can play with so far 😊 the safety eyes I use aren’t quite safe to play with when bubs are under 3 years old! I might re make a few of my amigurumi with yarn eyes instead so that he can play with them 😊❤️

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  5. He’s growing so fast! Enjoy every minute! Once they get over that first growth spurt, it seems like things settle down a bit. Not sure if they get into a routine, or the parents are trained!😆 Archie is a cutie, I’ll go vote!

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    • Thank you Kathy, I feel like he has already had so many growth spurts lol but he is definitely a happier baby than he was a couple of weeks ago, I feel like he has found a better rythme with his feeding and sleep 😊 and thanks for the vote it means a lot 😘❤️

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  6. I’m impressed that you’re getting any crafting done at all, with that sweet little fella to play with! Give him a cuddle from us all!

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    • To be honest I’m impressed with myself too 😂 he has actually started napping more regularly so I get a good few hours everyday to do craft bits 😊 he is sleeping right now but I’ll give him a big cuddle for you when he wakes up 😘


  7. He is just so cute! And also a very good reason to have not got much done.

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