Cooper the Copepod pattern release

Happy Monday everyone!

Yes I’m still here, and baby is still in but I have exciting news! The pattern for Cooper the Copepod is finally live in my Ravelry store! I’ve had the pattern tested in August and my testers did a great job. If you read this Hannah, Lex and Heidi thanks again!


I’m already working on my next pattern but it might get interrupted for a few months. Here is a sneak peak though, it will be a double pattern that you’ll be able to convert between a blue whale and a narwhal. I’m super excited about it!


I hope you will all have a great week and if I suddenly disappear off you know where I’ll be 😉




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11 responses to “Cooper the Copepod pattern release

  1. One down! You are tying up loose ends all over!

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  2. OH MY – I am so excited for the Whale pattern i love whales so so so so so so so so much ❤

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  3. JJ Crafts

    Your all go! So many adorable patterns!

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  4. AJ

    Congratulations Emma! I like the looks of the next one too:)

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  5. You are so great at designing these!

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