FO Friday – Eevee amigurumi

Happy Friday!

I hope you’ve had a great week, mine was quite productive and I’m looking forward to the weekend as we have family visiting for an engagement party. It should be heaps of fun!

Another cool thing happening this weekend is the Pokemon Go event for shiny Eevee. If you’ve been following me for a while you will know I love Pokemon, probably best reflected by the awesome Pokemon alphabet I crossed stitched a few years ago. In honour of the event, I’ve decided to make my very own Eevee and shiny Eevee, in amigurumi form of course! I found a really awesome free pattern from 53 stitches (I really like this minimalist style) and I got hooking. Those were just so fast to make that they were started and finished in a couple of days!

I didn’t add felt for the ears because I didn’t think it was necessary, they are super cute even without it! I’ve been really liking making those, so maybe I’ll challenge myself to make small amigurumi of all the event Pokemon until the end of the year, this should be fun and I would have quite the collection by December, who knows?

Have a great weekend everyone!


P.S. if anyone is interested, my PokemonGo friend code is 6477 9936 2570, I’d love to play with you!



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16 responses to “FO Friday – Eevee amigurumi

  1. So cute!!
    I’ll add you to my Pokémon Go friends:)

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  2. AJ

    Those are super cute Emma!

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  3. Very cute! I love the little guys.

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  4. Those are so adorable!

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  5. JJ Crafts

    These are so cute! Eevie is my favourite (and squirtle)

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  6. I sent a friend request too! The eevee amigurumi are adorable!

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