WIP Wednesday – Orbit the dragon update

Happy Wednesday!

I promised you an update on Orbit the dragon and I have to say that this project has suffered major setbacks. The worst thing that can happen to any crocheter/knitter has happened, I ran out of yarn! and even worst, I have been searching for the same yarn for over 3 weeks now and I still haven’t been successful, as the shop I originally got it from stopped stocking it. I must have been to at least 4 different stores, both here in Melbourne and in Brisbane while I was away and still couldn’t find it so today I had to go to my LYS, which stocks the yarn but of course did not have the colour I was after. Thankfully the owners are great and they said they would order some for me, which should arrive next week, yay!

In the meantime though, I thought I would buy a skein of another green and that I would make another dragon, as I was planning on making two from the beginning (one for baby and one for another friend who is also expecting a little boy). Here is what I got so far with the second dragon, and I also put my first colour as a reference to show you that they are quite different (the lighter one is with the new yarn).


My dark green yarn should arrive next week and I will hopefully be able to show you both of the dragons part 2 finished (there are 4 parts to this CAL in total). I really just can’t wait to get my hands on this yarn now, waiting is really not my forte and I’m getting frustrated with the whole thing.

What is the longest time you have been looking for yarn to finish a project? Are there some yarns that are more difficult to find where you live? I’d love to hear about it.

Anyway, I hope you are all having a good week and I’ll be back over the weekend for the Fantastic Bake-Along!




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17 responses to “WIP Wednesday – Orbit the dragon update

  1. Your dragons will be worth the wait in yarn! We have a LYS here, but very little choice and all is very expensive, or the big box stores, so I order all my yarn, mostly from KnitPicks.

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    • That makes sense but the issue here is that ordering online is not worth the postage unless you buy huge quantities. I’m lucky that my lys owners are great and agree to order small quantities and they still do great prices 😊

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  2. Deb

    That would be frustrating! Hope you get a perfect match!

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  3. AJ

    Ugh running out of yarn is the worst!!!

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  4. Oh no! But I bet they’ll both look fab when you’re done 😊

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    • I’m sure they will too, this pattern is just too cute 😊 I’ve been working on the other parts in the mean time and I’m excited about how they are coming along


  5. Argh that’s so annoying! I just ran out of yarn for my dragon, but I’m close enough to finishing that I can improvise. I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait when you have two perfect dragons all finished 🙂

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    • Yes super annoying! And I ran out in the middle of the body so I can’t really make do. I do love how the other pieces are looking now though so I’m super excited to finish them 😊


  6. claire93

    how frustrating, but on the bright side, it made you begin a second dragon lol

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  7. JJ Crafts

    Ah. Very annoying but I’m really glad you managed to find the yarn and will be getting it soon.

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    • Yes it was definitely great that my local yarn store stocks the yarn, even though they had run out of the colour and had to reorder some. But definitely grateful that the owner was willing to put the order in straight away for me.


  8. He will be super cute when done, and worth all the wait. 🙂

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