FO Friday – Aragorn square

Happy Friday everyone!

I have exciting news, my thesis is due on Sunday but I have started the submission process today so I am officially done writing my thesis! It is really a great feeling and I’m so glad it’s done.

But of course you’re here for the crafty bits and I also have something quite exciting to share. Slowly but surely I am tackling the end of the LOTR blanket this year, and I have finished another square, Aragorn!

This means I only have 2 more squares to go before I can join my blanket. After over 2 years in the making I’m almost going to be as happy to finish it than I am to finish my thesis!

I have had issues staying motivated for such a long project, which is a shame because I love graphs and I would love to make more in the future. Do you have a secret to stay motivated on huge projects?

Have a great weekend!



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15 responses to “FO Friday – Aragorn square

  1. Serious congratulations to you Emma! 🎉🎉🎈🎈🍦💐💐🍾 I’m guessing that this weight lifted will help you with some of the languishing projects. If you need more accountability, you could join/start a Yarn Along, like our HQAL. I am amazed at how those have helped me through some very long projects. Another thing that I do, is to make small daily goals that add up. Right now I am quilting 2 butterflies each day on my quilt border. Two is easy to get done, but over a week it adds up to great progress. I’m doing the same with my Advent Calendar Mittens, 5 rows minimum each day, with 10 preferred. A small amount really, but I’ll finish one each week easily. 😄 Celebrate!!!!

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    • I’m definitely so excited! And I think I will try the daily goals, they sound like a great idea! I’m also part of this Hogwarts group on Ravelry and finishing projects earns points for my house so that’s very motivating! I’m actually still doing a bit of work over the next few weeks but I should still have plenty of time to work on crafty projects.


  2. Congratulations on the thesis! What a great accomplishment. And your big two year crafty project coming to an end too – the year of finishes 😊
    I really don’t have much advise on how to stay motivated on big projects. I’m a perpetual starter of projects (shiny object syndrome I think!). I have found with these bigger, more involved pieces I’ve completed recently that just regular and daily work on them is the way to go. It keeps it moving along. I’ve heard people say that fifteen minutes a day is what keeps them going on big projects. It’s only fifteen minutes, but it keeps it moving!

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    • Thank you Catherine! It does feel nice and rewarding to finish things, especially when they are massive projects. I think working on it daily seems to be the way to go, now I just need to find the motivation to actually work on it daily! but that’s another story 🙂


  3. I am so so SO EXCITED for your thesis to be finished!!! How in the world do you fit everything in? Your creative masterpieces are always so beautiful, but still you found time to expand your education. You totally GO GIRL!! —As far as motivation… sometimes the only thing that keeps me motivated is a due date like a QAL or a birthday. Maybe you should set on a

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  4. Oops! I hit the Reply button:)! Maybe a set final reveal date would help😊❤️

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    • Thank you Tracy! maybe you are right, I should have a final date set and at least I’ll know I need to constantly work on it if I want it finished, a bit like with the EPP, it has been very motivating to know I want it finished before October ❤


  5. Hi, so happy for you finishing your thesis. I know I said we would write and I will – but no pressure on you as you seem inundated at the moment. We have glorious weather here so the garden has been my chief project,
    Once again congratulations.

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    • thank you so much! I am quite busy but I would still love to write to you, I think I actually never got your address, maybe email me? my email is 🙂 Lucky you, the weather in Melbourne has been dreadful and cold, there is now frost on the car every morning, I’m happy I’m visiting my in laws in Brisbane!


  6. AJ

    I find it really tough with the big projects to stay focused and motivated! Congratulations on two awesome successes!!!!

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  8. Well done on the thesis. I know how much work that can be. Now you are on the roll.
    🙂 Have a great day and enjoy.

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