WIP Wednesday – Orbit the dragon

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I hope you’ve been well and that you’ve had a good week so far. I’m going to be back on the WIP Wednesday wagon for a few weeks as I am participating in a CAL to make the cutest dragon amigurumi! The steps will be released for free over several weeks and I’m very happy to say that I’ve finished week 1, with week 2 being released (hopefully) tomorrow.

On the left is what the finished dragon will look like, and on the right you can see all the parts we were meant to make for week 1. The pattern is Orbit the dragon from the Projectarian and if you head over to Instagram you can see all the awesome colours people have chosen! I’m being quite restrained and I’m only using 3 colours using Patons cotton/acrylic blend and I’m loving using this yarn, the stitch definition on it looks great for amigurumi and it wasn’t overly pricey. This will be a perfect toy for baby, as hubby and I are really hoping to pass our love of dragons (and all things fantasy) onto him!

Let me know if you are also joining in on the fun, I’d love to see your dragons!





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21 responses to “WIP Wednesday – Orbit the dragon

  1. BellMar

    Too cute!

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  2. HE? Will enjoy that toys for years to come, Emma,many it will always be special to you!

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  3. Deb

    😍 I know it will be loved!

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  4. This is so cute! You may be tempting make more than one!

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  5. Super cute. This little dragon is going to look amazing. I like the colours you have choosen, will make a very sweet dragon. 🙂

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  6. AJ

    It’s so cute!

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  7. JJ Crafts

    Omg it does look very cute and i love the blue colour you’ve picked. Look forward to seeing how it turns out

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  9. He really is the cutest 😍

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