Hand spinning take 3!

Happy Friday!

I’m a bit late this week reporting my latest progress in spinning but it’s okay because I don’t have class this week (very sadly 😒). I can see I have made a lot of progress which is very encouraging. I think I’ve actually got the hang of drafting the fibre into the wheel and I can spin a pretty even 2 ply aran weight, which is awesome!

I have made two new skeins, one of alpaca (it was just so soft!!) and one using a wool top. I really liked the alpaca as it wasn’t as greasy as the sheep wool but it was very very dusty and still needed thorough washing. The wool top was a bit harder to spin (as it needed a lot of twist) but it was very clean and only required to be set in hot water post spinning.

I’m really loving that we get to try all those fibres with this class, it’s been so nice to see the differences with thickness and length of the fibre, greasiness, and processing. I’ve also been busy this week using my hand spun wool in my first ever project, a beanie for hubby. I’ve used my black Corriedale wool and got to work. I didn’t use a particular pattern but I’m very happy with the results and it fits hubby well so it’s great!

IMG_8112 copy

I cannot wait for the next lesson next week, when we get to use bats (which are mixed fibres) and even to make our own! I’m very excited about that last class and I really hope I get lots done before I have to give back the wheel. I’m trying to save up to get my own hopefully in September for my birthday but we shall see (I might give in before that πŸ˜…).

Have a lovely weekend!



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11 responses to “Hand spinning take 3!

  1. It sounds like you are really enjoying this class! What a great opportunity to be able to use all of the different yarns. I hope you enjoy your next class!

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  2. Spinning and then knitting your own wool, WOW!

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  3. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  4. Look at you go πŸ˜ƒ The skeins look amazing! I bet there’s a special sense of accomplishment when you knit a piece with your own spun wool 😍

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  5. JJ Crafts

    That’s so exciting to have made something from scratch not just yarn. And awesome that you’ve found something you love so much.

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    • It is very cool, when I finished the beanie I was just thinking how it was a bunch of fleece only a couple of weeks ago, pretty surreal.


  6. Your handspun looks great and what a fun class. I have never been able to take a class β€œin real life β€œ just over the internet on Craftsy and Interweave. Actually having someone with you to show how to do things must be so much better. Have fun spinning the bat and I hope you get to make your own…or not…as that might lead to you having to buy a carder or blending board on top of the wheel:)

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    • Thank you Bogga, it really is fun to do this in real life, I think I would have had way more trouble learning over the internet. And we do get to make our own bat tomorrow! I’m very excited but I’m also afraid I’ll have to buy a carder lol

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