18 for 2018 – May update

18 letters sent to friends – 2/18
With the interstate move I would like to keep in contact with friends so I want to make the effort to send them handwritten letter throughout the year.

I’ve sent all my invitations for my baby shower (that was almost 30!). I’m only counting it as 1 letter as it was the same invitation sent to everyone! 

17 new recipes tried – 12/17
If you’ve been following me for a while you will know that I love cooking and baking so this should be pretty easy. Plus, the monthly bake-along will definitely help me with this one!

Another recipe tried this month with our Fantastic Bake along. Those muffins were just to die for! 


16 painted units of miniatures – 4/16
My husband and I play a miniature game and one of the fun parts is to build and paint our own miniatures. I haven’t done much last year so I hope to catch up this year by painting more models.

I’ve painted a new unit but haven’t had time to take a good picture yet. I will make sure to take one for next time. 

15 books read – 4/15
I’ve decided to tune down this goal from last year, as I don’t have a lot of time to read. But I feel like 15 would be a good number to reach this year.

I’ve re-read a book from one of my favourite French series. The author, Pierre Bottero, is amazing, I’ve read pretty much all of his work and I was so very sad when he passed in 2009. I’m planning on re-reading all the series before the end of the year. 

14 mitered squares added to my memory blanket – 1/14
I have started a knitted memory blanket using my scraps of yarn from previous projects (mostly socks) and I’d like to see it grow this year.

No extra squares this month, I should probably get onto this goal 🙈

13 batches of biscuits made and eaten – 4/13
Again, with the bake-along this should be quite easy to accomplish!

I’ve made another batch of madeleine, which are little French cakes. Hubby loves them and me too! 

12 pairs of socks – 2/12
We have real winters in Melbourne, so hubby and I will definitely need new socks, I thought one per month was a manageable goal.

I’ve been really slack with this goal, I need to cast some socks back on!

11 new stitch markers made – 0/11
I have been playing with shrinking plastic lately and I’d like to make new stitch markers using some cute drawings.

Hum hum, next month?

10 new movies seen – Complete!
We go to the movies almost every week, so I think this goal will be easy to reach, but it will give me a change to blog about movies I see a bit more.

I’ve actually seen two more movies this month, Deadpool 2 and Solo and I loved them both. Deadpool was just so funny (as you could expect based on the first movie 😂) and I thought Solo was great with awesome action and a really good story. 

9 amigurumi made – 2/9
I obviously love amigurumi enough to design some! I want to precise that those 9 amigurumi will be from other designers, I might even participate in another ami-along.

This month I’ve made the little owls I’ve shown you last week. I did miss making amigurumi so I’ll try to make a few more next month.


8 months cross-stitched on the snowblower diaries calendar – 2/8
This did not get worked on at all last year, so I’d like to finish it this year.

No month finished this time around, it’s been a bit cold which hasn’t made me very motivated to work on it but I’ll make an effort for next month. 

7 games of 40k played with hubby – 2/7
The good thing with painting miniatures is that I will definitely want to play more (I’m hoping anyway) and this will definitely be a fun activity to do with my husband.

No new game this month, we’ve been really busy on weekends and haven’t had time to go to the store. 

6 new designs published – 2/6
As you know I already have two new designs that I need to write up and publish. I have also started on a knitted shawl design using the beautiful yarn I got in NZ. Very excited about this one!

No new design this month, I still need to write up a couple of patterns I have ready but I’ve been too busy with work to really dedicate any time to it. 

5 k steps walked every day – 23/31
I changed this goal. I am still trying to keep moving during my pregnancy to not transform into a couch potato! Hopefully this will help me keep healthy despite the weight gain.

I feel like I’ve done quite good with that. Our dog was definitely very happy to go on long walks every day! 

4 LOTR squares finished – 1/4
Yes I know I’ve been making this for ages but 2018 is the year I get it finished!

Nothing new here, because I have been really slow with crochet lately. 

3 jumpers knitted – 0/3
Similarly to the need for socks, I will need more jumpers this year! I already have the yarn and a pattern for my first jumper so I’m hoping this goes smoothly.

The jumper is almost finished! So there will be one finished jumper next month!

2 getaway trips – 1/2
We are trying to save money for a house deposit this year, but I’d still like to get a couple weekends away with hubby. We already have one planned, we will be going to the Bendigo sheep and wool show in July

July couldn’t come faster! I’ve actually met some lovely ladies in my spinning class who will also be going to Bendigo and I’m so excited! 

1 thesis submitted – 0/1
I’m so keen to finish my PhD, so this is definitely my n°1 goal this year!

Submission is due before the end of the month! How exciting!

That’s it for me this month! A little progress on some goals, with a lot more going on on the side! I hope you’ve all had a great month 😊





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  1. Way to go Emma! I don’t think I congratulated you on your pregnancy, I’m so happy for you and your husband!

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