A parliament of owls

Hello lovely readers!

I have decided I would like to make some handmade gifts for our baby shower coming up in July, to thank our friends and family for coming. I have decided on little amigurumi keyring using a free owl ornament pattern from Josephine Wu. I just love how cute those look and they are quite easy and fast to make. Which is great, considering we are planning on inviting lots of people!

I have completed one so far but I’ve crocheted a few more, which need to be stuffed and have eyes and beaks added. So far I’ve decided to glue the felt on but I might secure the pieces with some extra embroidery if I have time.


Hubby and I have decided to use a whole heap of colours and I think I’ll hang them on branches on the day for some extra decorations before people take them home 😊

Have you hand made small gifts for people to take home after a party? Did you feel like people appreciated? I’d love to know what your thoughts are on this!




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36 responses to “A parliament of owls

  1. awww they’re so cute! I’m sure your guests will adore them.

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  2. Deb

    They make me smile!

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  3. Lovely idea Emma! Baby showers have only become a thing over here recently but any handmade gift is a bonus to me

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  4. They look super cute. It is a great idea. Specially all the pretty colours.
    We always try and make hand made goodies to take home. It is just so much more appreciated. Mainly little keyholders or handbag bling, and for kiddies we have made little felt bags with sweet and toys instead of using paper / plastic bags. The baggies are very popular for keeping small toys in afterwards, like lego.

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    • That’s a great idea for the kids, I might see how many end up coming and make a few of those too. There are lots of kids in my family in law, so I’m sure that would be appreciated 😊

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      • 🙂 We use sheets of felt, (felted fabric) as it is nice and sturdy, cuts any shape or design, and needs very little sewing.
        Have fun, and enjoy the weekend. Happy spinning if you have a class again this weekend.

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  5. claire93

    that’s a lovely idea Emma!
    maybe you ought to crochet a few more and make a mobile for baby’s bedroom ^^

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  6. Those are adorable, and will be a great addition to a keychain! I bet your family will love them!

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  7. JJ Crafts

    Oooh I think I made one of these ages ago. They are so adorable and that’s such a lovely idea!

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  8. AJ

    They are so cute!!!

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  9. BellMar

    These are too cute! What a great idea for a baby shower. I think they would make awesome hacky-sacks balls too.

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  10. They’re very sweet. I once made boiled egg cosies with bunny ears on as favours for my daughters Easter birthday party. I don’t think anyone really liked them so I shan’t do it again, I guess not everyone likes boiled eggs 😁

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  11. What a lovely idea! These are just gorgeous- so cute and a lovely reminder for everyone of your shower!

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  13. So cute!!!! I made one before for my mum but it was a slightly different pattern. Aren’t they awesome 😀 Such an awesome idea for your baby shower xo

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  14. They are just the cutest!
    One Christmas I made tiny santa hats to go on truffles for everyone in my work. Most people really appreciated it, there was just one muppet who went “haha wouldn’t it be funny if you’d made these!”.

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    • that is just such a cute idea! I could totally see the tiny hats on chocolate, and you could totally reuse them as decorations every year, so sweet


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