Fantastic Bake Along – Rosemary Muffins


Happy Sunday everyone!

Like every month, I’m participating in the Fantastic Bake Along hosted by Tracy @itsatsweetday. This month’s star baker is Brenna from Crochet539 and she chose a delicious recipe for savoury muffins, which you can find on Taste of Home. I’m sorry I’m a bit late for this one, I actually had the muffins made (and eaten) on Friday but I didn’t get around to post yesterday as I was super busy with doing my first ever spinning class! (more about that on Monday)

Anyway, the muffin recipe was super easy to follow, I just made a few modifications. I don’t like the taste of baking soda so I just doubled the quantity of baking powder instead. I also used olive oil instead of canola oil as I always cook and bake with olive oil (I don’t even think I have any canola oil in my cupboard). I also replaced the wheat flour with just plain flour and best of all, I used my special mediterranean herb mustard instead of standard Dijon mustard.


The batter looked amazing, and ever more so with the addition of the goat’s cheese, rosemary and olives. Then it was in the oven for 25-30 minutes and ready to eat!

You may notice that there are not quite 12 muffins in the plate, as hubby and I couldn’t help but have a muffin straight away (before I could even remember to take a picture for you guys)!


Those were hands down the best muffin we’ve had and I’m sure I’ll make them again! Hubby did suggest that next time, I had some bacon bits to them and I think that’s a brilliant idea.

How did your bake turn out?

If you are interested in participating, contact Tracy and you can also follow my Pinterest board where I will be adding all the recipes for the Bake Along.

Please also check out the other amazing bakers/cooks normally participating in the Fantastic BAL




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12 responses to “Fantastic Bake Along – Rosemary Muffins

  1. BACON?! Great idea!! I think I will make some more next week just to try that addition:)❤️❤️. Yours look delicious. I am so glad this is a BAL because I can really smell and taste them right now. YUM!!

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  2. AJ

    Bacon would be good!!

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  3. Those turned out splendidly Emma! Bacon sounds like a delicious addition!

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  4. I think bacon would definitely add to these. They’d be a full meal! Yum!

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  5. Oh, I agree bacon would be great in these!

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