FO – Joyful world June

Hello lovely readers!

I have finished the month of June of my Joyful world calendar from the Snowflower Diaries last week and I only got around to take pictures today so I thought I would share with you.


Isn’t it so cute? I also though I would take a picture of the whole thing so far. As you can see I’ve already stitched some of the next months’ headings as I find it helps to know where to add the stitching (as I don’t have a border around each month and it can get confusing).


I’m now officially half way through and I’m really looking forward to stitching more of it! I’ll be back tomorrow with my 18 for 2018 post and I’m catching on my blog reading as I’m finally back home! yay! See you tomorrow!



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23 responses to “FO – Joyful world June

  1. Oh I just love the bear with the bees! So cute!

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  2. It’s so lovely, I’d be stitching way ahead, unable to resist!

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    • I am trying to get it done for the baby’s room but as usual I have way too many projects on the go 😅 it is hard to pace myself and give love to other projects at the moment though!


      • I think you need to concentrate on three things: 1) making a beautiful baby 2) making a quilt for your beautiful baby and 3) finishing this picture for the baby’s wall. All the rest can surely wait?

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      • haha you forgot making a jumper because it’s cold, making socks for hubby and I because it’s cold and finishing the blanket I’ve spent the last 3 years on because (you’ve guessed) it’s cold! Still loving Melbourne though 😁


      • Living where I do, I wear socks about 4 times a year, and jumpers less, so I forget other people might need them!

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      • That’s fair enough, always warm in Queensland! Even in Brisbane it didn’t get very cold often so I imagine where you are is even rarer.

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  3. claire93

    September is a lovely block, although my husband was stung by a bee on Sunday and now suffering with a huge swollen lump on his calf.

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    • Oh no! the worst I got stung was on my finger, I was playing soccer and the ball went into a tree, I went to retrieve it and my finger got so sore! I hope for him that the swelling goes down soon


  4. EEEEEK the bear ❤ ❤ ❤ – It's scary looking at the calendar and realising this year is flying!!!

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  5. Ready to tackle July, I still think that bear is adorable!

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  6. This is so cute! I love the bear.

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  7. JJ Crafts

    This is definitely looking really cute!

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  9. Your stitching is absolutely stunning. I so want to stitch as well. I stitch very little, and the last one I did was the one I got from you. 🙂 I have kits that are ready to be done. Keeping my fingers crossed to also get started.
    Have a great May and keep warm, it seems we are finally heading towards cooler days.

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    • Thank you Joey, I do find it a bit harder to stitch when it gets colder but I really love the finished cross stitch look. Looking forward to doing more on this one for sure!

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