WIP Wednesday – Knotty gloves

Happy Wednesday readers!

Today I’m finally sharing a wooly WIP after what seems like ages! I’ve been working on a pair of gloves as we’re entering winter down under and I always get really cold hands. I found this pattern for free on Ravelry and it is very well written in my opinion. It was my first time constructing gloves and I think all the details in the patterns are there to make it successful. The only thing I’m a bit worried about at this point is that it’s hard to get no holes between the fingers!

IMG_7944 copy

Here is glove one so far, I know I could probably have finished the pair by now but I really didn’t work much on them as I’ve been mostly stitching while I’ve been in Queensland. Blame it on the heat! I am definitely looking forward to a cooler weather though so I can get back into my knitting and I still need to write up a couple of patterns for amigurumi as well, including Cooper the copepod. The next month is looking up to be busy for sure! Enjoy the rest of your week 😀




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26 responses to “WIP Wednesday – Knotty gloves

  1. I solved my hole problem with my thumb when I took care of the ends. Just sort of pulled it tight and added a stitch or two to close it off. Not sure if it works for fingers, but maybe?

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  2. This glove is well on its way! Or it could be a partial fingerless glove😊❤️

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    • lol that would be funny Tracy but I think my fingers would be way too cold! We’re well into autumn now and it’s getting really chilly


  3. oooo I have that pattern in my Ravelry Library, and I must say yours look great! I love the yarn choice you made.

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  4. claire93

    I’d have gone for a pair of fingerless gloves myself (if I could knit gloves).

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    • I have a few fingerless pairs that I crocheted but it’s getting way too cold here and my hands are always freezing so I thought it was time for me to take the plunge and make full gloves!

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  5. JJ Crafts

    These look really pretty! And so fiddly to do! Haha

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  6. AJ

    They’re so pretty!

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  7. Your glove is lovely. I love the yarn you are using. They will be very handy when winter comes.
    🙂 Have a great week.

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  8. Deb

    These are so pretty! The cable stitching around the wrist is great!

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  9. Hi, the gloves look lovely, I’ve never tried knitting gloves. The yarn is really pretty too – hope winter isn’t too bad. We had a very long wet winter with more snow than we’ve seen in a long time.

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    • Thanks! I think it’s not too bad to knit gloves if you’ve done socks before 😊 the hardest was doing the magic loop for the fingers. I hope winter doesn’t get too bad either but only time will tell! 🤞


  10. They look nice!! It’s so odd to think you are having a winter lol

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    • Haha I know it’s still weird for me too! I’ve been in Australia for 7 years almost but I still think we’re getting into summer because it’s May. Unfortunately the cold weather is reminding me that we are definitely going to winter!


      • Oh it sucks! I wish it was summer for you but then again, its nice for you at Christmas lol

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      • Yes but it’s so weird to have a hot Christmas! I normally just want to be under blankets, watch Christmas movies and drink my hot chocolate for Christmas. You can’t eat too much when it’s too hot lol

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      • Hmmm, what lacy blankets with a fan and ice hot chocolate LOL. Do you have salad for Christmas dinner then haha 😉

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      • lol no we do BBQ lunch here and a roast for dinner (not really season appropriate 😂) but if I could I would totally put the air conditioning super cold and do blankets and hot chocolate! lol

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